View Full Version : Can you play tomb raider legend in window mode?

15-11-09, 02:37
I really want to switch between the game and the internet so i could check my emails and stuff. Any help?

15-11-09, 03:24

15-11-09, 03:34
dont you just press the windows/start button on the keyboard to do that? it works for most of my games

15-11-09, 03:38
It just minimizes it. I want it to turn into windowed mode. Like playing a game through a window. Not fullscreen. i dont want fullscreen.

15-11-09, 03:55
I was about to tell you to download it from TRhub but it seems like it isn't working :(

Scroll down to where it says TRA Windowed Mode solution. It also works with Legend. But the link isn't working, maybe you can try contacting the admon. or EscondeR about it :)

The other way I found is this one:

But it says that it is not currently available when I try to download it, it asks me to try again later. Maybe you can try later :o

Sorry, that's all I could do :(

15-11-09, 04:31
Thanks for you help but none of them worked. I will try contacting the admin.

15-11-09, 04:33
I searched google and typed in DXwnd. And I downloaded the program. I am going to see if it works. I clicked the first link.

22-11-09, 15:37
Soo, is it working?:D