View Full Version : Sony abandons copy-protected CDs

05-10-04, 08:49

Sony is abandoning its copy-protected CDs that use built-in technology to limit copying them.

The CDs allow users to copy their music once for free onto a personal computer, but use the internet to charge a fee for subsequent copies of the same disc.

Sony Music Entertainment said it would stop producing the CDs because its message against illegal duplication has widely sunk in.

A spokesperson said only a small part of the population illegally copy CDs.

Restricted playback

The copy protection technology was introduced two years ago by record companies who faced a sales slump and wanted to stop pirated CDs reaching the black market.

It usually works by placing a layer of data on a CD that enables playback only on a home stereo or portable hi-fi device.

However, in January Belgium-based consumer group Test-Achats said the technology also stopped fans playing the CDs on some devices and making legitimate back-up copies.

The group called for EMI, Universal, Sony and BMG to stop releasing copy-protected CDs and to reimburse fans.

Big-selling releases including Shakira's Laundry Service and Radiohead's Hail to the Thief were affected, Test-Achats said.

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