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17-11-09, 21:37
I got this totally random idea from the 'Pic Of The Day' thread.

Basically the same. You post a word a day.

Haha. Psyche.

There's a twist to this one.

When you post a word, you have to give the next poster a set of rules they have to follow when choosing their word.

For ex. (You can make the rules as complex as you want)

(Insert amount here) letters.

Has (insert letters here) in it.

Has to do with (insert object here).

Get it?

I'll start.

5 Letters.

Has to do with a jungle.

18-11-09, 01:29
oooh yay another game!! Its kinda like a crossword :p


2 words the first word five letters the second 7 and has to do with muisc :p