View Full Version : Profile customization idea...?

19-11-09, 15:49
I just had an idea... Lemme tell you about it. :vlol:

Wouldn't it be a good idea to have some sort of profile customization option for your profile? I'm talking how the page is displayed, not skins or superficial stuff like that. Like, you could remove the albums section even if you have an album or two, or remove your bio (Just an idea...) and stuff like that. Just change how the profile is presented.

19-11-09, 15:53
Is vBulletin capable of that?

19-11-09, 16:19
Hmm, that might be interesting... I like when I can make something my own way. But maybe more than that I'd love to have some nice new skins :D

19-11-09, 16:41
Is vBulletin capable of that? I *think* so. Not sure at all, but I think anyway.

19-11-09, 17:39
What do you mean?

You accessing the profile page of "The Great Chi", for example :o and he has all his page like an ancient Chinese temple? :cln::D:jmp: