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Legend of Lara
19-11-09, 16:58
I just started replaying Legend and I have no idea how to get to the Bolivia Gold Reward. The TRC walkthrough isn't any help at all. :confused:

19-11-09, 17:19
Hope this'll help

Legend of Lara
19-11-09, 20:22
Hope this'll help

The video refuses to load. D:

19-11-09, 20:42
www.tombraiders.net :)

greatest walkthroughs ever

19-11-09, 21:01
Er, the puzzle with boxes which you counterweight and go flying... And that door.
Well you climb up the door, but it has to be at a certain height... Not to high otherwise you can't grab the ledge on the door.

19-11-09, 22:54
When the door is closed, do this to get the gold reward:

- Put one block on the right pressure plate (when facing the door).
- Put one block on the center pressure plate.
- Step on the left pressure plate but quickly get off again when the door is halfway up. The grooves in the wall to the left and right of the door must be aligned with the ledge or groove (or something) in the door. If the door went too high, remove the block from the center plate and stand on the left one, to make the door close and try again.

Good luck mate. ;)

23-11-09, 13:36
Well you have to put two boxes on the pressure plates(ONe has to be in the middle pressure plate) On the third pressure plate don't put the box, but quilcly run over(It whould help to run over only a corner of the pressure plate)so you don't see the deaf cutscene, showing the doors opening. Soon as the deaf cutscene ends(showing the closed doors, not doors opening) step on the pressure plate where isn't any boxes until the doors open at half. And continue like you always whould, but exept going through the door, jump on the reef then on the reef on the doors. Then jump on the top of the doors, and finally to the recess where the reward is.

Hope this helps, if not go to www.tombraiderchronicles.com where you will get detailed instructions ;);)


23-11-09, 15:35
I couldn't get it working. I finally decided there was a glitch on the PS2 version and gave up. Not worth it.