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The Great Chi
22-11-09, 22:20
All you Si-fi geeks get drooling, this is the one to watch, plenty CGI.

Having read the book , seen the trailer, this will not dissapoint, as its a visual feast, and it has my favorite flying islands in it :D

Storyline is of bad Earthers who want to take over part of an alien world due to their corporate greed, but local natives are not to happy and fight back.

Sci-fi general....
Overall, Its been a bad year for the lack of good Si-fi movies, other than the new star trek film due out on DVD soon, but this 'Avatar film' should make up for the lack of good movies, so check it out.

PS...also its been so dissapointing that production of 'Rendevous with Rama' has been put on hold once again, this to me is the most fantastic book written by A.C. Clarke, about a giant alien cylinder spaceship codenamed RAMA on route to earth, and earth explorers are sent out to rendevous with it.

I hope it hits the big screen one day.

Anyway looking forward to December to see Avatar :tmb:

22-11-09, 22:58
I think theres a thread for this but yes I really want to see it after seeing south park's episode "Dances with smurfs" :p

22-11-09, 23:06
The existing thread can be found here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?p=4129284&highlight=Avatar#post4129284). :)