View Full Version : Violent female soccer player

23-11-09, 04:28
This is sort of interesting... I'd say she has some anger issues.


Rachel Croft
23-11-09, 04:39
I hope she was suspended, even though I don't like BYU, which was the team she was playing against.

Lol, that was a while ago. Those teams are representing my state. Brigham Young University, and the University of Utah, I was born at the U of U hospital, lol. random.

23-11-09, 04:51
Damn, she obviously plays pro.

23-11-09, 05:36
Saw this earlier....must be that time of the month :p

23-11-09, 06:00
O_O I wouldn't want to be around her, then.

23-11-09, 06:59
Saw this earlier....must be that time of the month :p


I hope she was suspended. I can't stand persons like this one.

23-11-09, 07:03
I had to look at that hair pull she did earlier to that one girl and all I can say is DAMN!! Time of the month or she is sure as hell eating her Wheaties.

EDIT: I just looked up a report from this and it turned out she was grabbed in the crotch prior to throwing the other player down. Still suspended anyway.


23-11-09, 07:16
she probably has 0 technique hence why she relies on overpowering her opponents to keep em under control.

I shudder to think how many red cards she has under her belt.:p