View Full Version : 300 DPI = What resolution?

23-11-09, 19:41
I'm planning (Or rather trying out) making some shirt designs on a website (They've got 33% off shirts with prints and I'm sorta planning to abuse that for X-mas) and I just tried a picture. It looked good though they reccomended me to use a 300 DPI image. Now since I'm not using a camera but rather digital images I wonder what resolution size in pixels that is.

23-11-09, 19:42
Idealy, the larger the better - a good 2000+ pixels.

23-11-09, 19:45
Ohh. Okay, Going for 2000+ then. :p

24-11-09, 00:23
300DPI = 300 dots per inch.
Just take the size of the T-shirt iron on and multiply by 300.