View Full Version : Your best mishaps...

Reckless Lara
29-11-09, 14:17
That may be an oxymoron title but have you ever had any mishaps in your life that they were funny or painful or in general unforgettable? :)

So If you remember some please share it. :)

29-11-09, 14:26
I told people a secret what changed my views on me :tea:

29-11-09, 15:19
I asked my mom the other day what an aneurism is and she explained it to me. Then I asked if you can die from it, and my mother replied that my grandmother died from it 5 years ago. I was 14 when she died and I never asked anyone how she died. So I kind of felt really bad after that.

29-11-09, 15:25
^ Sorry to hear that :(