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30-11-09, 14:32
Hey everyone :wve:

I'm about to start a two-term long project on my ICT Practitioner course at my college. The project says that I have to create some kind of program for a 'club or community'. I've chosen to do this project for the TRF community but I need some ideas on what the program could do :)

The program needs to help people on the community in some way but I need some help on what the program could do! :D

Two ideas that i've come up with so far include:

Automatic resizing of avatars (dimensions and file size)
PlayBuilder (A program idea i've had previously to help with the compression of TRLE level folders)
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :D

30-11-09, 20:59
Whole load of use you lot are :vlol:

30-11-09, 21:15
Sorry, can't think of anything at the moment. If I come up with anything else I'll tell you.

Automatic resizing of avatars (dimensions and file size)
^ You could make that for the profile pictures too...

Good luck with the project.

30-11-09, 21:32
Avatar Uploader.
Mod Installer.
Tomb Raider Cheat Hotkeys e.g F6 - All Weapons.
Save Game Installer.

Good Luck :tmb: .

01-12-09, 00:16
Thanks :) I have to come up with 3 ideas so 2 of the ones I don't use, I'll put down for that.