View Full Version : Bad Days.. don't you just hate 'em?

02-12-09, 02:25
Well today was a BAD day for me.. :(

- I was up half the night studying for Anatomy
- I failed my Anatomy test because I didn't understand a thing!
- Drama, drama, drama, and more drama :hea:
- I go to give my hours to my boss for next term and what's she say, she's not going to rehire me next term to work in the library, so that means one thing.. I'm FIRED! :(


02-12-09, 02:26
Sorry you are having a bad day Matt, not to make it worse but there is already a thread like this.:o


02-12-09, 02:28
Aww, thanks Nate! I posted it there.

Copy and paste for the win. :ohn:

02-12-09, 07:21
That was a bad day Matt, sorry to hear it. I hope my closing it due to a similar thread doesn't make it any worse :o