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03-12-09, 23:36
Well, I was searching with TRLTool TRL images and I found a rather strange picture . :pi:


I was like wat :pi:

I'm sorry if there's already a thread for this, I just found funny and strange (I never saw something like this in a TR Game ._.)

03-12-09, 23:51
Well you still have not seen something like it in the actual game, you saw it in the files. Obviously someone was having a bit of fun, I doubt at that point they would think fans were going to be snooping through the files. If you snoop through the AOD files you will find a very interesting sound file included, recorded while Eric Loren (Kurtis) was doing some of the Kurtis, sound effects.

04-12-09, 00:13
Damn, that's hot! :cln:

04-12-09, 00:16
Haha, that's how I feel about the vehicle section too.

04-12-09, 01:25
omg they have to post all strange snooping things like this in a thread cuz some dont know how or dont have the game on pc to do things like that :jmp:

07-12-09, 14:13
I wish this had been used for the chase sequences in the game instead of the motorcycle.:cln: Zip:"You're falling behind Lara!" :vlol::vlol::vlol:


07-12-09, 17:38
damn that's good ;)
nice find

07-12-09, 18:27

They have great humor! :tmb:
We need more of this stuff, I agree.

07-12-09, 19:42
Lmfao :vlol:

I hope they include more of this stuff in the next game.

07-12-09, 20:38
EDIT: Browser was to lame -.-

Nice find :vlol: xDD

07-12-09, 23:23
:vlol: Why do they hide these things away in files that lesser vigilant people are ever likely to uncover. They should be unlockable bonuses for finding all the treasures or something.

08-12-09, 02:30
CD sure do have a great sense of humour:p

these little findings remind me of when Eric talked about the shark suit for lara:p