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04-12-09, 01:00
There have been countless Tomb Raider renders made in the past (less in the newer games), and some have completely captured the Tomb Raider feel, while others have been.... well you know lol :p I wanted to know what Lara Croft/Tomb raider render captures "Tomb Raider" the most. And no this is not a "what do you want Lara to look like" thread. Personally, none of the latest renders have reallyu captured the essence to me (except for the Legend cover and some of the Anniversary pics) I think it will be interesting to see what different people think Tomb Raider is for them. I personally think this picture captures Lara while showing her classyness, sexyness, but still looking dangerous :D http://www.laracroft.tv/images/tr2/tr2-029.jpg What picture(s) do you guys think represent Tomb Raider/ Lara Croft?

I apologise if this thread has been brought up before :p

04-12-09, 01:01
AAAHH the picture is huge!! :O How do I resise it???

04-12-09, 01:16

It just screams TR!!!! =)))))))

04-12-09, 01:38
^ have to agree it is beautiful and just lara croft raiding tombs:)

edit: remove the .img tags so the large picture is a link until you have it resized:)

04-12-09, 04:42
^^ yes that is a nice picture :tmb: Does anyone else have any pictures? You can post more than one if you want :D

04-12-09, 05:09
I've been trying to find this AOD render but I cant find it :(