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04-12-09, 16:49
D'IBERVILLE, Miss. - A 19 year-old girl's car hydroplaned off a cliff and landed in the Tchoutacabouffa River. She was miraculously rescued by two D'Iberville policemen.

Shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday, D'Iberville Police Officer Michael Knapp was measuring how high the water had gotten in the Tchoutacabouffa River. A strong storm dumped a lot of water in the area and the river had risen several feet. As he was walking over the bridge, he never expected what was coming.

"I heard a car coming, look up and see this car start sliding. I'm praying it doesn't go in the water. Next thing I know, it goes right in."

He watched as the car flew over the cliff. When it splashed into the water he looked in and didn't see a passenger, but quickly noticed the girl in the driver seat trying to get out. The girl he saw inside the car was 19 year-old Carrie McGill.

"The last thing I remember I said right before I went over the cliff was God please no, please no," Carrie said.

Carrie said the roads were wet from the storm that came through Tuesday night. When she hit the brakes, she lost control of her car and it started to hydroplane; heading straight for the river. The car landed head first but luckily never flipped.

"I threw my seat belt off and I looked down and my feet were submerged in water, water was pouring in through the windshield."

Officer Knapp was still standing on the bridge. He reacted quickly and grabbed the life jacket he had in his car. He said he never thought he would use it but his chief bought them for all the officers just in case. It sure came in handy today.

Officer Knapp said it was very windy when he threw the life preserver to Carrie.

"It was like a perfect drop, the wind was blowing, I was just like, God please let it get to her," Knapp said.

Carrie said the toss couldn't have been more accurate.

"He couldn't have made a better shot because it landed right in my arms and right after I got it wrapped up in my arms the car sucked me under the water," added Carrie.

Within a matter of minutes after hearing the radio alert blast from his dash, Officer Chris Roberts was on the bank of the Tchoutacabouffa River. He stripped all of his heavy gear off and jumped in.

"I went 50 feet or so out into the waterway," said Roberts.

As soon as officer Roberts had Carrie secure in his arms, he swam to shore to get her out of the water as soon as possible. The water in the river is about 50 degrees and Carrie had been in it for more than 9 minutes.

She said they couldn't have gotten to her any faster.

"By the time they got me out of the water my toes were blue and my fingers were blue."

Both officers said they had back-up from above and it was no coincidence that they were in the area.

"She had an angel with her today," Roberts said.

"It was just the right time and right place, like God told us to be here," added Knapp.

Carrie started crying when she talked about the two men who saved her life.

"There are no words in the world that could tell them how much I appreciate it."

Carrie was taken to a hospital to make sure she hadn't suffered too badly from hypothermia. She was released shortly after and lived to revisit the scene of the accident and tell the story of how she almost lost her life in the chilly waters of the Tchoutacabouffa River.

Wednesday, the river was 22 ft. deep and her car is sitting on the bottom. It is expected to be pulled out of the river tomorrow.

source (http://www.fox10tv.com/dpp/news/Girl-saved-after-car-plunges-into-river)
That's creepy! Glad she's alright though. :tmb:

04-12-09, 17:07
It's nice to see some good news posted here as opposed to the usual 'doom and gloom' we see on a regular basis. Thanks for posting. :)

04-12-09, 17:10
^ It's not that good though, she lost her car.

04-12-09, 17:13
^ It's not that good though, she lost her car.

Yea, unfortunate, no doubt, but at least she's alive so she can one day acquire another one. ;)

04-12-09, 17:20
^ It's not that good though, she lost her car.

Well she's still alive that's a little more important than a car. :ton: :D

Besides I lost my car in a collision, but it got replaced with my sister's car so... :whi:

Dennis's Mom
04-12-09, 17:29
Great job by real heroes. thanks for sharing.