View Full Version : Have you been inside the television?!

Alex Shepherd
06-12-09, 05:25
Have you ever been caught on a camera by mistake and they put it on a TV while you're watching yourself by luck?

This is the first time happened with me yesterday on MTV Arab channel that they were talking about the biggest mall in ABC and they caught me on a video camera that I was looking at a laptop and using it, while they were talking about the laptops and the mall... :vlol:

I just like
WHAT THE!! :eek: :eek: This man looks the same as me :eek:

Raider Man

06-12-09, 05:27
I was in the background (as in, a metre or two behind the reporter) of a news report at a crash, with a couple of other people, but there are always people in the background of news reports.

06-12-09, 05:38
It's pretty common us Filipino's to say hi to the Camera while they're filming a News Report. It's like "WTF? LMAO!" :p

06-12-09, 05:47
I got sucked into a television once, by Samara. It wasn't the best experience.

In all seriousness though, I've never seen myself on TV other than when I was 5 years old, when my school was on the news, lol. :p

06-12-09, 08:37
I've only come close to being on camera when I was standing by watching an apartment building across the street from me being on fire. As a sign, I really don't know how to take that...

06-12-09, 09:13
I was watching the news recently and they were filming a band for some odd reason and got me walking behind them and looking at the camera with a very ...o.O expression on my face. Quite embarrassing. :p

And also, when I was 8 my dad sent a video of me onto You've Been Framed and they showed it. -_-

06-12-09, 09:16
My friend was in a competition (Become an MTV V-jay.)
We did a little dance to the music, and so I appeared on TV. :)

06-12-09, 09:31
No ! Not on tv anyway.

When I went to Lebanon like a few months ago, we were walking around at night in the Solidaire , and the festival of music (La fete de la musique) was on at that time and there was an outdoor stage set in the Martyr square.
We went there and watched the rock concert there and the next day we saw in their newspaper an article about the "fete" and there was a pic of the band and the stage, and I could see my face among the crowd. :p

I went there as a tourist and I came back a celebrity. :vlol:

06-12-09, 12:15
Oh yes...I played in a commercial like years ago...:hea:

It was horrible:hea:

06-12-09, 12:16
Yes, they interwieved me about parents and school. :)

Jedd Fletcher
06-12-09, 12:18
I was on the children's edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? as a kid, and on a children-themed talkshow called Kids Talk Back when I was even younger than that.

lara c. fan
06-12-09, 12:25
When Tour de France came to England. Family dragged me to the side of the road to watch it (I hate cycling). We had a mini TV so we could see if we got on TV :p

06-12-09, 12:48
I got sucked into a television once, by Samara. It wasn't the best experience.

Such a *****, isn't she? :pi:
Proper tried to drown me in that well as soon as I finished doing my hair :mad:


As for me, probably, but I probs can't remember xD

Mad Tony
06-12-09, 12:54
I went to a Premier League football game yesterday and you could just about see me a couple of times because we were practically in the front row almost behind one of the goals.

06-12-09, 13:17
It was either ITV or BBC news, think it was ICT or some games room thing. One time being for something to do with my school, I don't remember what though. You can barely see me. Then the next time was my results day cos everyone got atleast 100% 5A*-C GCSEs, and you can see my quite a few times. :)