View Full Version : Final outcome of that date I went on

13-12-09, 09:10
Okay, one week after my first date ever, I finally was able to talk the girl i went out with again.

She's not find me as boyfriend material for her, but she still likes me. So, we're just going to be friends.

I'm taking it quite well, actually. To be honest I wasn't exactly head-over-heels for her, but I still thought she was fun. So, being just friends with her is fine.

We are thinking about hanging out and talking again sometime in future, so it doesn't seem like this is too awkward a situation at all...

It's not exactly the end result I had in mind, but, it's alright. This was only my first date, eventually there will be other chances for me to meet the girl of my dreams. :D

Lizard of Oz
13-12-09, 09:14
Hopefully you two will get to be more than friends.

ahhhhhhh.... I remember my first date as if it... oh wait, I did had my first date yesterday. It did not go well:p

13-12-09, 09:19
Aww, that's nice.

Though, I was sorta expecting the Friend Card, sir. :pi:

lara c. fan
13-12-09, 11:03
Good stuf :tmb:

13-12-09, 11:28
Well at least you made a new friend eh! :tmb: In a way, that's kind of a better relationship than that "lovey dovey" stuff.

13-12-09, 14:23
most relationships start of with being friends, i seriously would worry; this is great news :ton: xx