View Full Version : Koalas dying from AIDS?

14-12-09, 11:07
Saw this article this morning.
And I ask myself this question: How is this possible??

Koala AIDS or KIDS (Koala Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is similar to AIDS in humans. The immune system of the animals is weakened and they are made susceptible to cancer and other deadly infections.

This is so sad:( They are on the brink of extinction.

More: http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/12/13/australia.koalas/index.html

14-12-09, 11:51
Why should it not be possible ? AIDS being a generic descriptive name.
I knew cats can have feline aids (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feline_immunodeficiency_virus).

Interesting thing is there is a vaccine.

14-12-09, 12:07
that is interesting. Then again, AIDS is not exclusive. Its not just for humans, and its not a disease for druggies or gays...don't wanna stir up something here btw, just saying. :)

Thanks for sharing !

14-12-09, 12:23
I didn't know that. But I guess that any disease is a terrible thing if anyone / anything can die of it or have their lives affected by it :(

Alex Shepherd
14-12-09, 12:35
We are all have diseases... But I am surprised and VERY SAD to see my favorite animals are dying... Koala should never die :( I mean everyone of us shouldn't but C'est la vie...
The diseases which are dangerous to human-beings the same as its too dangerous to animals, I believe that not only Koala are going to be infected but other animals too...
H1N1 is too dangerous to animals as for is to us... Right?

Raider Man

Nenya awakens
14-12-09, 15:00
I had never heard of Cat Aids until good old Amy winehouse got drunk on Never mind the buzzcocks :p

14-12-09, 16:37
Noooes! :( These incredible animals are already almost exterminated... they can't disappear from this world!