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14-12-09, 16:08
No, this is not some kind of forum game. But it's a question I need to ask.

Okay, I'm getting a new laptop by March because it's my birthday on March (and my parents finally say I deserve a gad dummit laptop), It's a Dell Studio XPS 16, and this computer I'm using really sucks. The RAM overloads and it always restarts and shuts down and it sometimes it is slow. But I always wonder, 3 months isn't that long, I can wait. So, the question is, should I upgrade my crappy computer or wait 3 more months just for the laptop? I always think it would be a waste of money if I upgrade it ($100). So, once again, should I upgrade it or leave it.

14-12-09, 16:10
I'd wait for the laptop if I were you!:tmb: 3 months is nothing!

Dennis's Mom
14-12-09, 16:12
I think I'd wait.

14-12-09, 16:12
Laptop, no question.

14-12-09, 16:19
Wait. I'm sure you'll survive. :)

14-12-09, 16:25
Wait, it's worth it!:tmb:

lara c. fan
14-12-09, 16:48
Wait :tmb:

14-12-09, 16:58
Are you planning to use the computer for gaming? If so you might want to rethink getting a laptop. If not, go for it!

14-12-09, 20:46
I would wait for the laptop:D
Hell, the smell of a new electronic really suits me! :jmp:

14-12-09, 20:47
get a labtop because then when your brothers like LET ME USE THE COMPUTER OR ILL PUNCH YOU
and you can be like
and take it and walk away and lock yourself in a room

14-12-09, 21:32
Wait State ;)

Minty Mouth
14-12-09, 21:34
Three months is a quarter of a year.


14-12-09, 21:35
It's not a huge amount of time. And it's not like you'll be writing down every day that passes by in a creepy way, right? So, I say, wait!