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14-12-09, 18:45

I have this wierd bug on all the games on the greatest raids collection.
It happens whenever I grab onto a ledge...seemingly at random Lara will just let go of the ledge, happening more often while I'm shimmying across.

I've tried everything to remedy this but it seems that the action input isnt functioning properly...I've tried this on another computer and the same thing happens...Lara will just let go of the ledges at random even though I have the action button firmly pressed in.

Any ideas?


tlr online
14-12-09, 18:47
Welcome aboard. Someone should be along shortly with some advice. :wve:

14-12-09, 19:31
What about Tomb Raider games from their original releases, not from Greatest Raids?...

14-12-09, 19:32
Did you hold the action button or just hit it?

14-12-09, 19:33
Run TRCheck (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/trcheck.exe) and post the report here.

Moving to the Technical Support section...

14-12-09, 20:26
to me it just seems another instance of the very same issue I addressed here: