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15-12-09, 03:08

15-12-09, 03:10
Merry Christmas xoxo

ilu bb <3


15-12-09, 03:20
I understand this will be very difficult for you, dear... Your first year as an orphenage. But don't worry. :)
It's just a day in December, like any other day.

I'm not a fan of Christmas myself. But at least you have us at he forum here. It's a long standing tradition to have lots and lots of chatting in the Christmas time here at the forum. :)

So you won't be alone! :)

15-12-09, 03:21
Can't view the video. :confused: So is this a thread where we post video and say our season greetings?

Merry Christmas to you too. :)

15-12-09, 05:19
Sorry I didnt understand the video well...

what happened with your parents? :(

And Merry Christmas to you and everybody too! :D

15-12-09, 05:50
both passed away mother on the 20th of march 2001 , and father on 29 november 2009 so ... thats what happend

15-12-09, 06:00
both passed away mother on the 20th of march 2001 , and father on 29 november 2009 so ... thats what happend

Oh I'm sorry to hear that :(

Well you have us on the forum to talk to :hug:
Hopefully you can be with some people you feel comfortable with this holiday. And if not then don't worry cuz you got us :tmb:

15-12-09, 07:55
:( My condolences to you.

Hope you find solace among your other family members during this holiday. Like LaraLuvr said, you can have a chat with us anytime if you want to.:hug:

Wishing you well,

15-12-09, 10:19
both passed away mother on the 20th of march 2001 , and father on 29 november 2009 so ... thats what happend

My sincere condolescence.:(
I'm really sorry to hear that ^^ And as already mentioned,if you need someone to talk to,you can always turn to us :hug: :hug:

And a Merry Christmas from me too :hug:!!

15-12-09, 12:13
I loves you Maniac. Have a very Merry Christmas. :hug:

15-12-09, 12:28
This must be a very difficult time for you, Maniak. Losing a parent is very difficult and you've lost both. And yet here you are wishing us a Merry Christmas. Well right back at you, hun. Christmas Hug: :hug:

15-12-09, 12:30
I'm really sorry for your loss:(
As everyone else said, you can talk to us any time!:D
Merry Christmas:hug:

15-12-09, 12:31
Merry Christmas to you :hug:

And to everyone else :hug:

15-12-09, 13:07
Yes I saw that on the R,I,P thread..... I'm so sorry for your loss......:( Merry Early Christmas right back at you Maniaka!!!!!:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

15-12-09, 13:42
Sorry to hear about your parents. Hope you have a nice Christmas though (even if it doesn't seem possible) :(

::: sendin love to maniakatosheto and the rest of TRF xxx :::

15-12-09, 14:04
I'm very sorry for your loss.:(

My very best friend had an almost similar thing happened to him many years ago (he was 18 then) but as cliche as it sounds time heals everything and only the good memories remain.
Remember that when you think you've hit the bottom,life soon changes for the better.

Just keep strong.:hug:

15-12-09, 14:04
Merry Christmas to you too, dude. :hug: Sorry to hear about your parents. I'm sure they were wonderful people. :hug:

15-12-09, 14:10
I am very sorry to hear about what happened. :( I too wish you a merry christmas, and I can only admire your strength to still find the joy to wish us a merry christmas.


15-12-09, 14:29
Im sorry for your loss :(
I know it must be hard. But im sure you have friends and other family members around you surrounding you with love :)
Merry Christmas x

15-12-09, 15:04
Sorry to hear about your loss Maniakatosheto.

Merry Christmas to you :hug:

15-12-09, 18:17
From the bottom of my family's heart We all wish you a Merry Christmas!

15-12-09, 18:24
What a sweetheart you are! :hug: I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your parents... I'm sure they're both very happy and proud of their son. :hug:

15-12-09, 19:59
So sorry to hear that mate :(, but as everybody have said here, you're not alone. Have a Merry Christmas too ! :hug:

Chocola teapot
15-12-09, 20:03

Thankyou hunneh.

lara c. fan
15-12-09, 20:04
Merry Christmas! :D

15-12-09, 20:22
thankyou for the holiday wishes hunni, merry christmas to you also :hug:

so sorry to hear of your losses :hug: dont ever forget that you are loved here xxxxxx

15-12-09, 21:03
Merry Christmas! <3
A :hug: to everyone!

16-12-09, 04:49
Yay for christmas! X3 :hug: for all! I hope everyone gets what they want :mis:

16-12-09, 15:46
I just saw this thread.. I am sorry for your loss. :( Like everybody said already - you're not alone over here. :hug: And Merry Christmas to you, too! :hug: