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15-12-09, 18:34
This is a wee trick I learned. I don't have a broadband where I live but do have a "3" usb modem.
The Trick is: (mind you I'm on XP here):

Hook up the modem as you usually would through your laptop/pc and connect it to the net.

Connect an ethernet cable from your 360 or PS3 to your compuer.

Go into the network and and sharing and click on the mobile broadband connection status.

Click on "properties"

Click the "sharing" tab and check off "allow other network users to connect though this computer's Internet connection" (don't forget to select Local Area Connection in the drop down menu) and hit OK.
You should now be able to connect to Xbox Live.
I've used this on both my PS3 and 360.

WARNING: When You are done, Turn on your console and rest your computers settings back to normal. Or it won't work again.

Now I can download Lara's Shadow and Beneth The Ashes :jmp::jmp:

15-12-09, 22:40
this is hardly news - we've mentioned this a few times in the tech support section. not to mention that instructions are provided for doing so on the Microsoft and Sony websites generally under the heading "connecting via ICS (internet connection sharing)". You shouldn't need to reset your computer's settings though when finished with whatever you are doing. Your computer can remain in ICS mode and whenever turned on or the ethernet cable is reconnected - it will act as DHCP server to the game console and assign it an IP address, default gateway, and provide DNS information.

note: be sure any software firewall is set to allow internet connection sharing - you will not be able to connect.

This can theoretically be done via a wireless adhoc connection as well (if the consoles support connecting to an adhoc network). for all intents and purposes, its the same as infrastructure as far as the console is concerned.

15-12-09, 22:48
Oh Right. Then this Thread can be closed.

15-12-09, 22:50
I never knew this. Thanks for sharing

though I have Broadband anyway