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15-12-09, 20:44
Evening all and Season Greetings :D

Im not exactly sure if this is the right forum to put this query in but here goes.

Later on this week its my birthday and ive decided this year I would like to take my 2 kids on a day out with me and my partner , now I have a 19month old baby boy and a 5 week old little girl.

Now I would like to visit a place where I can do activities with my son mainly because hes found his legs and is the most active 1 lol and all my daughter wants to do is just lay there and be nosey as to whats going on around her.

Im living in Milton Keynes and I dont mind travelling a bit of distance( around 150 miles) as ive taken the day off work to spend with them so I just need to find somewhere preferably indoors.

Any Suggestions with web site links if possible would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


15-12-09, 20:45
You have a wife and kids!!! :O


Anyway id go to a fun place like a barbor shop
i loved getting my haircut when i was a little kid.