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18-12-09, 09:23
Just saw Avatar in 3D. The plot is the old noble savage vs. the evil exploiters but if you can get beyond the steriotypes, the movie is an incrediable visual treat.

18-12-09, 09:30
The movie looks pretty interesting. I want to go and see it.

18-12-09, 09:33
It's an amazing film, well worth seeing. I saw it last night then saw a promotional show in it at home. It's not as bright and vivid on television; I suggest that if you're even remotely interested in seeing it, see it in the cinema.

The 3D is done very well.

18-12-09, 09:58
Going to see it in 3D in few hours :D Can't wait :jmp:

18-12-09, 09:59
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18-12-09, 11:39
As pointed out by Rai, there is already an existing thread. Please continue there. :)