View Full Version : Just beat Legend, great stuff.

18-12-09, 10:29
I started playing this for the first time a couple days ago, after beating Anniversary (which was great).

Just beat Legend moments ago, great stuff. While I preferred the puzzles and platforming overall in Anniversary, I loved how cinematic this game was, it had some great variety and a nice story. And of course, lots of hot outfits for Lara in this one, rawr. ;)

It's cool how in the Crystal Dynamics games Lara comes across as a softer, nicer person a lot of the time, which makes it all the more effective when she gets in a murderous rage.

About to start on Underworld now, glad I didn't have to wait two years to pick up the story where Legend left off. :D

18-12-09, 11:51
agree with you entirely ^^

loved the cinematic experience of legend.

underworld is a mix between anniversary and legend so you should like it :D