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20-12-09, 05:29

The Long awaited Zelda fan-film "Hero of Time", loosely based off Ocarina of Time, was released onto the Internet recently, so I decided to take a look. This movie's been in development hell for the past few years and they recently finally got off their collective rears and finished the thing.

And, well, the wait wasn't worth it.


This movie was bad, plain and simple. Allow me to specify a few memorably bad parts. There are plenty of WTF's inbound:

- Saria is Link's adoptive mother.

- Everyone has terribly forced English accents.

- Malon hits Link in the head out of nowhere with a frying pan. A reason why is never given.

- The CGI is very hit-or-miss. Sometimes it comes across well, other times, it's facepalm worthy. Sometimes the actors will be in a CG environment when there's absolutely no reason for them to be in one.

- Overall story feels generic.

- There's no actual sword fighting until past halfway through the movie.

- Link stops some guys stealing a shield from Talon, and ends up just keeping it for himself without asking. On a side note, the shield looks like crap.

- The actual "meat" of the game where Link would travel around exploring dungeons, fighting bosses, etc. all take place in the very last 4th of the movie.

- Darunia the Goron makes an appearance, but instead of him being a huge, rock being he's just a big Asian guy with a deep voice.

- Link randomly grabs the Darunia's hand and cuts him to solve a puzzle.

- There is pretty much no mystery that Sheik is Zelda. You can see right though her veil, for goodness sake. Not to mention that the name "Sheik" isn't even mentioned until the big reveal.

- Not enough emphasis on the final battle. Just an average sunny day out in the field.

The only good thing about this movie is one memorable character, the sage of fire, who is not Darunia, but a very attractive girl instead. Her personality is probably one of the few really likable ones in the entire movie, where she flirts with Link in an almost Ruto-esque fashion. (Albeit it's actually kinda cute here) She's also kinda hot, which also helps. The problem is SHE ONLY APPEARS FOR LIKE 2 MINUTES AND THEN LITERALLY DISSAPEARS. WTF.

Overall, I'm giving this a 4.5/10, It's just not that good at all.

If you want to see an actually well done Zelda fan-film watch "Sage of Darkness". That one was EXCELLENT, and it had a much smaller budget.

Oh, and here's a trailer for said crappy movie:


20-12-09, 05:50
Does anyone know where i can download or watch it in lower quality? I'm stuck with my psp and i cant watch it.