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22-12-09, 17:51
Alright, I realize this is VERY random to be asking, but I was hoping someone here has enough flying experience to give me a straight answer... I wanted to know if you're allowed to bring a can of hairspray with you on a plane. I'll be leaving Saturday so I just want to make sure so I'm not detained or anything for trying to bring hairspray with me... I've heard different things; some people say no, no aerosol cans, no liquids, etc. But I've also heard that you can bring it, as long as it's not on any of your carry-on bags and goes with your luggage under the plane to be checked.

Anyone know anything about this? :confused:

Los Angeles
22-12-09, 17:52
When I was in the US I was carrying an Xbox and a PSP with me...

I think it should be okay as long as it's in your luggage...

22-12-09, 17:55
I think a lot of it depends on where you're flying from and to with regard to hand luggage. If you stick it in checked luggage it should be fine though :)

You wouldn't get detained either (unless you had a bomb or something :D ), if they had issue with anything in your hand luggage they'd just take it off you before you board.

I think the UK still has a 100ml restriction on carrying fluids in your hand luggage.

22-12-09, 17:56
With which plane company are you flying? You can check their rules on their page. As far as I know, you can have hairspray, but not in your carry-on bag. :) As for liquids, there is special limit.

22-12-09, 17:57
I wasn't allowed to bring hairspray. We had to throw tons of stuff away. :(

Mad Tony
22-12-09, 17:59
I heard they allow firearms provided the ammunition is no bigger than the NATO 5.56mm.

22-12-09, 18:00
I'm flying to LA, so I'm sure it'll be alright. :p And Your Envy*, that's a good idea- I'll have to check on the site and see if I can find anything.

Thanks, guys. :wve:

22-12-09, 18:13
It can go into your checked luggage, that goes under the plane. But NOT on the plane in your carry on.

Same with shampoo, water you guy before security, and some makeups. I usually store most of my "bathroom" things in my checked, you never know when theyll mistake a straightener for a gun and shoot ya up!

23-12-09, 01:06

23-12-09, 02:04
Different airlines have different rules and regulations. Best to check their official website for what items are prohibited.

If to no avail, try contacting them by email.

Big Matt
23-12-09, 02:08
I heard they allow firearms provided the ammunition is no bigger than the NATO 5.56mm.

Here in the US they allow most firearms (and a reasonable quantity of ammunition), regardless of caliber. They did last time I checked, anyway. One can transport anything from .22's to .50 BMG. They must be in your checked luggage, visually inspected, and be in an approved locked case (detailed restrictions vary by airline). Beyond that I would advise that you be aware of the firearms laws at your destination. You really don't want to arrive at LAX with an UZI and a Barrett 82A1 in your luggage! (Or probably any gun for that matter.)

Melonie Tomb Raider
23-12-09, 04:57
The last airline I used allowed hairspray, but you need to buy a tiny bottle of it. I don't remember the exact size, but bring travel sized EVERYTHING, otherwise it won't fly.

23-12-09, 05:01
The liquid rules and restrictions are set by the government, not the airlines.

You are allowed to bring liquids in containers of 100ml / 100gram or less in size, and it is based on the size of the container. So if you have 200ml container of liquid that is only half full, you cannot bring it on the plane. All liquids must be placed in a clear, resealable, 1-litre plastic bag.

Aerosols are supposed to have a lid and be in good condition, and come under the liquids regulations. This means you CAN take your hairspray, it simply has to fall within the guidelines above. If you are ever unsure, just put it in your check on.

For the purposes of the restrictions, a liquid is defined as "anything that can be sprayed, poured or smeared". This includes lipstick and other forms of make up.

Oh and by regulation, that includes water as well - when I was working airport security we threw away thousands of water bottles every day - it being sealed doesn't make a difference.

Use common sense and don't take knives or weapons of any kind. Telescopes and rifle scopes are also forbidden, and in many countries you cannot take your pepper spray at all.