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24-12-09, 05:26
The news about David Goldman and his son has been going around for a while now, and I'm sure a lot of you have heard already.

David's young child was taken by his divorcee wife to Brazil without his knowledge. She died soon after leaving the young son with her family. Her family has since been battling the father over custody over the little boy!!!! :mad: And this outrageous battle has been going on for some time; 5 years!!

Let us all pray and wish David all the best for him to reunite with his little boy :)
and that they have a happy life that they deserve and that is their right. :)

"Source from CNN" (http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/americas/12/22/brazil.custody.battle/index.html)


24-12-09, 13:00
The custody battle should have ended with the death of the boy's mother a year ago. Five years and David is still battling to be with his son. Why would the grandparents still deny the father after all this? But their argument is strong: the boy has been living in Brazil all this time and it would be an emotional upheaval. The father has a right to bring up his own son though. What does the boy,Sean want? His feelings should be brought into this - as long as his memory of his dad hasn't been tarnished by the mother and grandparents that is. I'm glad that David has been reunited with his son, as long as they aren't separated again when the grandparents appeal. It's time the grandparents put the child's needs above their own.