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24-12-09, 18:50
I am currently contacting all the potential sources I have for a good deal on a brand new Chain and Sproket set for my RS 125. Since its winter and I am going out of country for my holidays, I thought I might give my babe a good tuneup before I go. Does anyone have any good sites they use to shop around for motorcycle parts?

24-12-09, 18:53
Muscle car sites I know, but this one: http://www.af1racing.com/store/Scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=1508 seemed to have some Aprilia parts. *shrugs* I'll check some of the sites I hang around at.

UK based site. (http://www.pjme.co.uk/acatalog/Aprilia_RS125_Chain___Sprockets_.html)

24-12-09, 19:00
Checking em out as we speak :). I doubt I'll find a better deal then one my trusty mechanic offers me but it will be such a treat to stump him out this time around :p.

24-12-09, 19:03
Oh yea, it's always nice to stump them once in a while. I found an excellent Cobra R hood for my Mustang that was cheaper than the one that the insurance company found but by the time I got ahold of them, they already bought a stock hood:hea: *shrugs* I rarely buy parts from a mechanic, but there are more available online for muscle cars than certain motorcycles. What year is yours?

24-12-09, 19:16
I am still green with envy that you got a hold of an amazing Cobra... :(. Don't get me wrong, I love how the new Mustang looks but I kinda have a thing for the Neo Classic model. Its a 2006 model :). I am sure I can find a good deal if I snoop around a bit more.

24-12-09, 19:22
The car is a GT, not a Cobra :( But I like the Cobra R style hoods for the 99-04 models. Still, Electric green with tinted windows is a rare combo. The 2005-2009 models I'm not hot on but the new Shelby 500 with the Supersnake package...*drools* :D The fast backs were a good looking model as well. Didn't like the foxbodies. Too angular.

As for motorcycles I've always fancied the look and sound of a Harley but can't afford one. Still nice to look at though. I have to admit that I haven't heard of Apirilia. How are they?

24-12-09, 20:52
Seems like you and I have a hankering for the Shelby models :D. There is just something about the Shelby tuned Mustangs that screems "Power!" Right down to the white and blue paint scheme. I used to think that only the Ford GT 40 and the Dodge Viper models looked good with that particular scheme but Shelby proved me wrong.

Well since you like the look and sound of a Harley then I guess you like cruisers rather then speed bikes. I say go for a touring type of bike rather then a Speed Bike. Most of Aprilia's lineup focuses around speed bikes (including my RS 125) but the have bikes in the touring category as well like the Shiver 750.

I am actually planning on selling my RS 125 somewhere down the road and get a RST 1000 instead.

24-12-09, 20:59
Ahh. Crotch rocket. Still, nice styling. :cln: And that's a good amount of HP :D Yea, I've always been more for classic muscle than speed or tuners. As is the case, I can't stand seeing a tuned out Civic. Fast, for sure, but nothing is better than the nice deep, loud rumble of a muscle car. :) The other car that I was impressed with is the new model Camaro. Even at stock the V8 version has more HP than the GT's but the body design is very sleak :)

24-12-09, 23:29
Lol! The only thing worse then a civic driver is a driver that drives a tuned up civic. A friend of mine e-mailed this to me:

Why are people so obsessed with making their cars look like they're faster than they really are? It's not just Civic owners, it's people with Neons and Hyundais too. They go all out and buy new rims, tint their windows, add fins, paint stripes on their car... why? It's old. You drive a ****ty car, deal with it. Mitsubishi Eclipse owners are some of the worst offenders. What's the point of dumping all this cash into modifications when it won't significantly change the performance of your vehicle?

It's ironic that with all the money that these morons dump into modification, they could have saved up and bought a real sports car in a couple of years instead of pretending like they drive one now. It doesn't matter how big your fins are, it doesn't matter how cool your rims look, it doesn't matter how much noise your muffler makes. You still drive a ****ty car. Period. End of story.

The other day I pulled up next to some jackass in an intersection. He started to rev up his engine and roll back and forth. I turned my head towards him, glanced at his car, glanced at him, rolled my eyes and turned back to the road. This ****ed off the driver and as soon as the light turned green, he went peeling off. Way to go jackass. Now what did he prove? A) That his car is so fast and powerful, that he can even beat people who aren't racing him. B) That he's a wise investor for buying those rims, because the ones he had just weren't cutting it. C) Those stripes on his car look sharp and hide the fact that it's still just a Civic or D) That he's a dip****.

Why didn't I race him? Because I don't drive a sports car and I know it. I could pretend I drive a sports car, just like anyone else. I could put giant fins on my car and pretend it's a jet or whatever the hell they think putting huge fins on a car accomplishes. Or I could quit pretending and just drive my damn car to work and school. Watching people race in Civics is like watching people race in minivans. I suppose the competition is there, but it's anti-climactic, like watching two geriatrics playing golf. It's a race where even if you win, you lose.

What's the point of having a fast car anyway? Is there some legal speed that they're trying to reach that they can't seem to do with normal cars? Even if your car can go more than 200 mph, you have to break the law (more often than not) to do so. Way to go dip****, you spent your life savings on something you can't use. Worthless.

I personally like the aggressive design of the new challenger. The new Camero is a shoe in victory when it comes to design, no doubt about it. Oh and if you are going to get a cruiser, do invest in a good riding jacket ;). I got myself a couple of good NASCAR style ones:


24-12-09, 23:36
I just wish they would bring back the Cuda.

25-12-09, 02:35
I would love to see the Cuda make a return. I am curious as to how the Neo-Classic design elements would be applied to that particular model and how it would interact with the new modified Hemi.

25-12-09, 14:16
Well the problem is that GM already killed the Plymouth brand, so they would either need to revive it or bring back the Cuda under a different moniker. It is probably why they haven't done it yet.

25-12-09, 14:47
Cuda :tmb: I gotta say I'm not overall pleased with the Challenger. Frankly in general it's obvious that everyone else is running off of Ford's coat tails when the redesigned the late model Mustang came out. A shame the Chavelle was such a gas guzzler, that's one car I would love to see come back :)

@Cat: Oh yea, a jacket is a must. My uncle is a huge Harley nut so he's always going on about this sort of thing. And I do somewhat agree with that post you made. I've had a few people try and race me in my Mustang with their civics. I'm running about 270HP stock and most civics barely make it at that point. *shakes head* little POS tuner car vs muscle car. Yea...morons.

25-12-09, 17:09

25-12-09, 20:15
I swear I am hyperventilating with excitement right now. Its been official for quite a while but I think it needs to be said again: Women of the world, compared to my beloved, you are all just butt ugly boring gorillas. I am sorry but it is an undisputed fact :p.

Motorcycle enthusiasts... Start getting envious :D.

So what does mi awesometastic amour gets me for the winter holidays? The V1 Ghost Rider Helmet! It still going to take a bit of time to arrive but man oh man am I excited! This thing usually sells for well over 300 USDs!