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25-12-09, 23:39
Apart from visiting TRF of course. :D

I'll get the ball rolling.

I like going out for long walks with my camera and taking pictures of anything I see that catches my eye. I guess you could say I'm an amateur photographer, I enjoy gaming, reading and gym/martial arts.

So what do you guys/gals do in your spare time?

Chocola teapot
25-12-09, 23:40
General Art
Drawing Anime/ Cartoons


Mad Tony
25-12-09, 23:43
Like most people my age, my hobbies are things like reading and videogames. :p However, recently I have become actively involved in politics (don't need to say the party - I'm sure you all know :D). I have also joined a public speaking club - just because I enjoy it really.

25-12-09, 23:45
Video games, sewing, paintball, guitar... you know, badass things.

Chocola teapot
25-12-09, 23:45
Like most people my age, my hobbies are things like reading and videogames. :p However, recently I have become actively involved in politics (don't need to say the party - I'm sure you all know :D). I have also joined a public speaking club - just because I enjoy it really.

Monster Raving Looney Party. <3


25-12-09, 23:48
I love reading, writing (stories, fanfics, lyrics, poems, all that stuff :p), singing, acting, trampolining, languages, listening to music, making videos...

I'm learning guitar too, but I can hardly play it yet, but I do enjoy it :)

25-12-09, 23:49
Video games, diabolical sewing, paintball, guitar... you know, badass things.

There fixed it for you.

I'm into computers. Building, tweaking, and ultimately gaming with them.

Mad Tony
25-12-09, 23:49
Monster Raving Looney Party. <3

http://www.omrlp.com/LMAO, yes! :tmb: :vlol:

26-12-09, 00:31
Yeah, sewing isnt really badass is it?

26-12-09, 00:33
I mostly write, sing, read, and play video games.:)

Alex Shepherd
26-12-09, 00:51
Most of the time

Playing Video games
Playing Organ/Guitar
Taking Pictures
Internet (LCO forum, facebook, MSN, and much more)
Hang out with friends

Raider Man

26-12-09, 00:55
Piano, trying to get back into Tae Kwon Do, writing, reading, image manipulation/graphics design, almost anything related to MUSIC... And a bunch of other little stuff. A lot of the time I'll have a different hobbies each month... I'm never satisfied. :pi:

26-12-09, 01:16
Video Games
TV Shows
Drinking (:whi:)
Hanging Out
Internet Surfing

26-12-09, 01:19
Knitting socks and lace shawls, digital painting, writing, occasionally embroidery, sewing, and sculpture.

26-12-09, 01:24
Piano, trying to get back into Tae Kwon Do, writing, reading, image manipulation/graphics design, almost anything related to MUSIC... And a bunch of other little stuff. A lot of the time I'll have a different hobbies each month... I'm never satisfied. :pi:

i love tae kwon do! i really wanna start practicing it... a few months ago i went to a taekwondo class and i loved it but i didnt join cuz it was full of lil kids :/...

my hobbies are drawing, working out- exercise whatever, video games, watch movies... interests martial arts, rock climbing, angelina jolie and milla jovovich wannabe ya know :p

26-12-09, 01:27
I spend a lot of time doing the following:

Playing video games
Listening to music
Watching television (rarely)
Using the computer
Chatting/going out with friends

Eddie Haskell
26-12-09, 01:46
Restoring old stereo equipment
Putting together computer systems
Model building (Military vehicles)
Cooking (as a hobby, my wife is the real cook)
Fishing (hope to one day soon get my waders back on instead of being trapped in the boat)

26-12-09, 03:28
I usually...

-play video games
-visite here
-visit my grandparents(sooo much fun, honestly:D)
- paint
-level edit
-retexture objects
-eating in moving cars
-man watching in the mall
-and there is probably more but I cannot poast all of it, too lazy:p

26-12-09, 03:38
Well, my main hobbies are gaming, internet stuff as well, music, reading, and also writing. :)

I also like Japan, and I guess you could consider that a hobby. I'm still looking for an original white lucky neko-chan. :vlol:

26-12-09, 04:23
Apart from TRF, I'd do the following:

Play music. Either I play violin in the room or walk to the studio & fiddle with the piano there. If I'm in the mood & I've the time, I'll write out scores of new songs for the uni orchestra to try out. Next sem I'm planning to learn other instruments, particularly the cello & clarinet :D
Read books.
Play badminton (well, now that the courts are finished :whi:)
Play games (TR, pokemon, Wedding Dash...)

I wouldn't call holding debate training as a hobby because my other minions, ahem, I mean members don't share the same sentiments :p

26-12-09, 04:26
I play piano..
I enjoy playing video games and doing the whole social networking stuff!
I write songs & poetry

26-12-09, 04:36
I remember things that were, perceive things that are, and dream things that could be.

26-12-09, 06:15
Play video games though lately I have been playing more board games than anything.
I want try something new, pick up a new hobby.

26-12-09, 07:48
- Play videogames
- Read Agatha Christie books
- Watch movies from the "1001 Movies to See Before You Die"

26-12-09, 09:16
-Researching random things
-Worshipping Jill

26-12-09, 09:29
School :)

lara c. fan
26-12-09, 10:55

Finding a decent laptop :o
annnnnnnnnnnnnnd....... Obsessing over getting a small job when i turn 14 :)

26-12-09, 11:25
Video Games....Internet....Ummm.... Do I really need others?

26-12-09, 12:09
I love reading, it's my favorite hobby. :cln: I also enjoy walking in the nature with my crazy dog and just admire how beautiful it is. :) Sometimes I take my camera with myself too and I take some pictures. I also love drawing, it's my way to express myself and write songs I usually don't show to (almost) anybody. :whi: I also like to play the piano, but I am very bad at it. :o

I absolutely love roller skating and ice skating. :cln:

26-12-09, 12:49
My music (the guitar, piano, singing)
My writing (I'd be nowhere if I didn't have the fortune of writing)
Shopping :D
Video gaming :jmp:
Being with my friends :D
Sports (parkour) :D

And there's probs some moar :p

26-12-09, 12:52
Playing guitar and Piano...not at the same time mind:p
Just chillin' out listening to music lol
Playing T/Resident Evil games
Hanging out with freinds

and of course chatting on TRF!:D

26-12-09, 13:07
I'm into writing, that's it. I'm also a bit mental due to it, my brain goes into sudden fits, but nothing extreme. :D

26-12-09, 13:12
Oh I forgot to add something:
- Making fun of bimbo's. :vlol: I just love doing that:)

26-12-09, 13:25
What a charming lil hobbie you have there :D

26-12-09, 13:28
- Tomb Raider Level Editor
- Snowboarding
- Parkour

In no order, mind you..

I can do Chimney Jump but only 2 jumps, also I can wallrun and wallclimb and I love doing that :D

26-12-09, 13:55
hmm not much really

Listening to music
Sitting at the computer
Messing around with the camera (taking pictures, nothing dodgy)
Doing coursework ('citing)

lara c. fan
26-12-09, 14:44
Oh I forgot to add something:
- Making fun of bimbo's. :vlol: I just love doing that:)

And don't we know it :rolleyes:

26-12-09, 15:11
i love tae kwon do! i really wanna start practicing it... a few months ago i went to a taekwondo class and i loved it but i didnt join cuz it was full of lil kids :/...

Yeah, I bet it's a lot more fun with people your own age. And you tend to learn more because the teachers aren't busy taking care of the kids. (My class had a lotta younger kids too.)

Lightning Soul
26-12-09, 15:52
Other than visiting the TR Forums I have many relaxing and enjoyable hobbies :)

* Cycling - I love going on bike rides, stopping for a cup of tea and taking pics of the scenery. it's just so good to be out in the fresh air!! We have some beautiful scenery where I live, mountians, valleys, small beaches etc. there's loads of places to visit.

* Keeping fit - I really love exercise and healthy living, I used to swim, play footie and run... Although I haven't done any of this for like the last three months. I have put on a little weight around my belly so's I'm gonna make it my mission to get super fit in 2010!!

* Eating Healthily - I have always been very caring when it comes to my health and body, but over these last few months I have kinda let things slide... mainly a load of junk food down my stomache :p
I am veggie so I eat pleanty of vegetables and vitamins to keep me buzzing but partys, trying to finish all my college work and leaving my last job made things a bit harder and I admit have cumfort ate a bit...

* Playing games - love to experience different forms of entertainment, I wasn't a big gaming fan until about 16 or so, when I played FFX - that changed everything and I see games as a form of entertainment for occasional use - I don't ever get hooked on games, cuase they can be really addictive :tea:

* Going out - to the cinema, seeing friends or just a family get together. We are really close in my family and celebrations are always happening at one time or another. I love spending time with people and getting to know new folks too!

* Occasional Drinking - I'm really not a big drinker, I have maybe one or two alco-pops then I'm back on the cola or irn bru, alcohol doesn't really appeal to me. And I didn't drink until I turned 21, I'm a good boy :D

* Dancing and Music - Oh I love MUSIC!! the pop carts are amazing right now - Lady GaGa, Alex Burke, Little Boots, Alesha D so many awesome songs, I loves them all!!

I think that's about it :cln:

26-12-09, 15:55

26-12-09, 16:01


26-12-09, 16:08
Going for walks with mates
Acting a fool with best mate :)

26-12-09, 16:42
Music collection and Guild Wars, nothing much aside from that atm. If I could consider getting back into school, I may start picking up my electronics hobby for building computers or other things.

26-12-09, 17:01
I have lots of hobbies. There is nothing better than going out with friends/family and spending some quality time though! I also like reading, play videogames and studying Japanese. Traveling is another one of my hobbies I guess, I can't stay in one place very long!

26-12-09, 18:33
My list bears quite a resemblance to Reggie's list, especially before he edited it. :p

I love:
- Going out into nature. I can enjoy myself greatly just walking/sitting around and taking in all nature's splendour. Put me in a forest and my happiness level rises instantly no matter what.
- Photography. Preferably combined with the above. I can also enjoy myself greatly sitting in one and the same spot for half an hour waiting for the right shot. But also "studio" (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=3461099&postcount=2128) photography or any other kind. Only downside is that my right eyelid-muscle can get sore after a while.
- Music. Another thing I can thoroughly enjoy.
- Reading/learning. Even though it's not something I do a whole lot, I love taking in knowledge. I never read novels or stories, always non-fiction, but I'm going to give semi-fiction a try soon.

Martial arts (Jiu-Jitsu) used to be a great passion of mine, but I gave it up a number of years ago. I'm still looking to get back into it.

Another thing I'm kinda wanting to get back into is playing the piano. I've done it for about two years as a kid, but hated it and quit. Now I quite regret having done that... Problem is, it's not the cheapest of hobbies to get back into. My parents have a piano but I'd feel embarassed to practice with them around. :p

As for the rest, these things may not really classify as a hobbies but more as interests.
- Art (-> visiting museums/art fairs)
- Politics/psychology/sociology/history/societal issues etc (-> learning about/discussing these; in fact, a good discussion would rank at the top near being in nature in terms of rise in happiness level)
- Complex interaction design (my desired future career)

Almost everything interests me to a certain degree, actually, but I guess the above works as a general guide to Punaxe. :p

Los Angeles
26-12-09, 18:36
Biting my toe nails.

26-12-09, 18:37
"nom nom nom!!"

26-12-09, 19:34
Biting my toe nails.

That is very healthy you know,I guess in ways it could be called exercise :D

I do it too :)

26-12-09, 22:02
my hobby is to sit

26-12-09, 22:04
I need to pay attention to what goes on here :o I was just thinking "Gee, it would be good to have a hobbies thread." :)

Aside from photography, I've taken up model building again. I'm currently working on a 2005 Ford Mustang GT. :D

26-12-09, 22:06
Write, read, dance, play video games, ride dirt-bikes(i like to do tricks with them and go fast. i just got an old yamaha 50 that was rebuilt with a 90 motor in it. its EPIC! :D), running, texting, internet surfing, and taking things apart and putting them back together.

i once disassembled my PS@ cuzi was bored, then cleaned it and put it back together. i have a knack with fixing and putting together and using electronic things.

27-12-09, 23:36

Don't that wrong. The feeling you get when you crack open a lock mechanism... I would never use my skills to break the law, I despise thieves.

28-12-09, 00:36
Collecting comic books

Some interesting hobbies you guys have there :)

28-12-09, 00:52
I'm so boring :D My hobbies are the usual crap:

Hanging out on the PC (internet and video games)
Watching movies (on DVD or at the cinema)
Music concerts
"Window shopping" :o
Collecting figures of all sorts

and that's about it I guess.

Nerd For Life
28-12-09, 01:39
Using the PC
Watching movies/TV shows/whatever
Collecting Heroes/Star Trek/Harry Potter/Tomb Raider related stuff...:o
Video games

28-12-09, 01:42
I'll list some old hobbies. Time is cruel and you just don't get to enjoy the things you used to.

Board games
Watching Disney cartoons
Fishing with my dad

Big Matt
28-12-09, 01:53
Time is cruel and you just don't get to enjoy the things you used to.

I second that.

I don't really do anything for fun anymore. The things I used to enjoy or have enthusiasm for, I really don't anymore. I find myself without the time, energy, motivation, or money necessary to pursue hobbies or anything else.

28-12-09, 02:09
Well, you get to spend time on TRF, that's a good hobby :ton:

28-12-09, 11:31
Video games

That's about it. <3

28-12-09, 15:16
I read, write, do the housework (yes, I actually enjoy it... except washing dishes :p), train the cats into being the ultimate furry ninja army, draw/paint, and study... lots of study ;)

28-12-09, 19:43
Martial arts is one of my two biggest hobbies. I am an instructor in 2 styles of kung fu, and tai chi, have done tae kwon do (bleh), ninjitsu (bleh), and also boxed for a while. Now I'm taking MMA, jiu jitsu, and western sword fighting.

My other biggest hobby is reading, particularly fantasy and sci fi. I love to read.

Plus video gaming, movies, tv shows (usually sitcoms, I need the laugh), programming, lifting weights and, of course, I LOVE to sleep :D

28-12-09, 20:06
Art, Exercise

02-03-10, 21:44
I love this thread!
I enjoy surfing on the internet, watching TV, playing tag(:vlol:), taking pictures, drawings and laughing:D.

02-03-10, 21:45
wait wut? resurrected?

02-03-10, 22:33
Mine are:

-drawing/painting/art in general
-writing stories/lyrics
- reading
-cycling and walking
- gaming - ps3/ps2/ps1
-archaeology - finding my own artefacts and exploring :)
- animals - ensuring their welfare and rescuing them.
- fashion design - i sometimes like to design my own fashions and if i'm up to it - make them.
- making jewellery
- listening to music
-watching movies
-landscape photography
- spending time with family


Eddie Haskell
02-03-10, 22:38
Mine are:

Fire breathing
Naked Surfing
Performing autopsies on dead cockroaches
Constructing scale model outhouses
Snipping the hair from unsuspecting victims
Flying radio control bombers (that drop dog poop)

02-03-10, 22:43
Writing; reading, mainly fantasy; watching films and amateur dramatics, though I haven't done that in 2 years, I need to find a group near me.

Reckless Lara
02-03-10, 23:00
MUSIC, OF COURSE :jmp: playing it and listening to it, writing poems, prose etc, drawing, reading :)

02-03-10, 23:29
- Drawing Cartoons/Anime (Learning to draw Anime)
- Reading and Writing
- Music
- Video Games
- Walking
- Sleeping

Should I go on?

02-03-10, 23:46
- Reading
- Playing Tomb Raider
- Watching movies, documentaries and certain tv-series
- Listening to music
- Meditation
- Gymnasium & cyckling when I have time
- Everything creative: drawing, photographing, crafts, LC cosplay :D

And....next summer I will go ghosthunting :D

02-03-10, 23:57

03-03-10, 10:35

Is creativity considered a hobby? I don't have it in great amounts, but... :p
Japanese Culture

And that's about it, I believe. :)

03-03-10, 10:45
TRLE is basically my hobby but I also do (and have done) some of the following:

-TRLE(NGLE Mk2 is a must! I tend to make better scripts than level geometry. >_<;;)
-Cosplay(typically Musou games like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. I attend all the conventions I can in the area)
-Video Games(about the biggest hobby I have. If I am doing something, it is usually involving video games)
-Watching Movies(I am really good at catching cinematography styles so sometimes I watch movies just to see how it was made, though many times I quit watching a movie because the way it was made is terrible)
-Watching History channels(I am a super smart person... yes the stereotypical one that sits and watches the learning type of channels all the time. What can I say? It all interests me. :P)

-RPG Maker(all kinds, usually PC on RMVX. But I have made games for Rpg Maker 2003, and XP as well. Console versions are annoying, though the new DS version coming out in Japan looks like a nice semi-VX port without the scripting.
In between my uses of TRLE, I did RPG Maker. I had loved the TRLE from when it came out but it was difficult and there wasn't much one could do so I jumped onto RPG Maker 2000 and then subsequently 2003. Eventually I caught back up with TRLE and nearly had a heart attack when I learned of WADmerger.
I would make games for RPG Maker again, but TRLE will always be my true love!)
-MMOs(FFXI <3333. I played it for a long time and even have allthe expansions, though the amount of income I make($0) forced me to stop playing it. I also had a stint on Second Life and a game called Conquer)

-Forum Games(I am really good at setting up games on forums and have many nicely set up games out there but nobody wanted to play them so I have them left behind though I still have the links to them and would love to have people play them even to this day)

03-03-10, 11:07
I like playing video games (I do that less often nowadays), LOVE watching movies and listening to music, and I like travelling, exploring and taking photos. :)

Jack Croft
03-03-10, 11:31
Music (Listening)
Games of course!

03-03-10, 14:21
On winter me and my friends go to the moutains and slide down on bags LoL
No wonder someone breaks a leg every year LoL
In summer me and my cousing like to fill the guns with water and splash eachother. We act like Lara LoL. She's Amanda, of course:pi::pi:

03-03-10, 15:17
-listening to music
-playing xbox games :)

03-03-10, 15:42
Digital Art
Video Games

Forgot to add a bunch off stuff -_-"


Dennis's Mom
03-03-10, 16:06
I'm not sure if it's considered a hobby anymore since I started to sell it, but I make jewelry.

I also enjoy reading.

03-03-10, 16:43

03-03-10, 16:53
Wow, a lot of diversity around here, nice! :tmb: I'm rather boring and have no out of the ordinary hobbies. Though my sister went climbing once, does that count? :D


Nice! What do you usually cosplay? I see a lot of people prefer anime characters and all that.

Rex R
03-03-10, 18:55
in no particular order; reading, video games, building and racing r/c race boats(electric)

03-03-10, 19:07
Listning to music, jamming on the guitar, gaming,drawing, collecting empty glass coke bottles :p

the ancient
03-03-10, 19:18

Hip Hop
and don't laugh... tapdans :D

03-03-10, 19:20
drawing pictures.
listen to music.
playing videogames.
surfing the net.

oh and I also build ship models.
the latest I did was a model of the titanic wreck.

03-03-10, 19:21

Hip Hop
and don't laugh... tapdans :D

Oh kwel you do tapdancing :D

I have always wanted to learn how to tapdance :p

the ancient
03-03-10, 19:23
Oh kwel you do tapdancing :D

I have always wanted to learn how to tapdance :p

It's not realy difficult :)

03-03-10, 19:25
Well I am really un-co at dancing, so I have even contemplated trying tap :p

04-03-10, 12:23
I mentioned that i do ship models.
is anyone interested to see my titanic wreck?
if so, then i will open a new thread with photos:)

04-03-10, 12:28
Writing (a lot lately) drawing, and listening to music contstantly, lol.

04-03-10, 12:30
I mentioned that i do ship models.
is anyone interested to see my titanic wreck?
if so, then i will open a new thread with photos:)

Can I see it? :)

04-03-10, 12:40
Can I see it? :)

its done now, in fan artwork section:)