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07-10-04, 19:03
Doctors should not resuscitate a premature baby girl if she stops breathing, the High Court has ruled. The parents of Charlotte Wyatt, who weighed just one pound and has serious heart and lung problems, had argued that doctors should revive her. But Mr Justice Hedley sided with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which had said her quality of life would be so poor she should not be treated. He said further "aggressive" treatment was not in the interests of the child.

He said he had considered allowing doctors to do a tracheostomy - the insertion of a breathing tube through the throat - but had decided against it. And he added: "I am only too aware of my own limitations in making so momentous a decision." The couple's solicitor Richard Stein said the parents would not be appealing.

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07-10-04, 20:40
:( :( I just watched this very distressing news report on the 6 o'clock news! What a position to be in! I wouldn't have wanted to have to make a decision like that. There was an interview with another mother who's child had been born 3months premature, the same as baby Charlotte, and her child was now aged 9years and doing well, healthy, 'normal', thriving. Can't help but wonder if this judgement is the right decision. :( :(

07-10-04, 20:45
This is a subject very close to my heart as although I have two children .... I lost 4. I can't put myself in the Wyatt's position, but I've been very close and my heart breaks for them :(

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07-10-04, 22:26
As medical technology advances this will be less and less of an issue. But until the day when health can be uaranteed, there will be a lot of hard decisions, what ifs, and heartache.