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04-01-10, 08:58
What the title says... Do you work or go to school?

If you work what do you do and who do you work for?

If you go to school what level are you in? (wuts ur major if in Uni)

04-01-10, 09:00
I'm a Junior (11th) in high school...I am SO stressed out because of the homework I didn't do over break. I'm never taking honors courses again!

04-01-10, 09:05
School. College starts up again on the 9th. -_-;;

I am in community right now taking classes for cheap. My classes are based around Social Sciences and I hope to major in Counseling Psychology. :P

04-01-10, 09:06
I haven't worked at all, and school is entirely hard these days...

I have to go with School. :\

04-01-10, 09:07
school.i have to go to school in 2 hrs:(.

04-01-10, 09:12
Work. Im a checkout chick (argh sucks ass)
wrok long hours for little money...still it pays the bills....

lara c. fan
04-01-10, 09:14
Secondary school :)
Which, despite meant to be being there, I'm not.
Becuase it's very icy :p

04-01-10, 09:57
I'm a pizza delivery driver and instore.

04-01-10, 09:58
I'm a pizza delivery driver and instore.

I used to deliver wings and do all the instore stuff as well. It was fun and 2/3 of my pay was tips!! xD

Capt. Murphy
04-01-10, 10:13
Work, hotel front desk, 11 PM to 7 AM, running the audit, checking to see if everything balance$, fold laundry, mop, stock breakfast, check-in/out guest. 13 long years. halp!! :(

04-01-10, 10:16

04-01-10, 12:26
I'm studying chemical engineering in university, I just entered my final semester...I'm not liking it now >.<

04-01-10, 13:51
Sadly School :(
But i do a paperound job :D

04-01-10, 14:16
High School (Greece), 10th Grade (Sophomore)

04-01-10, 14:19
Work. I'm an ECE (Early Childhood Education) teacher.

04-01-10, 14:24
I'm in my last year of secondary school, I'll be going to University this fall.

TR love
04-01-10, 14:37
About to enter year 10, the last year in this school, then its on to a big fancy one with drugs and knife fights!

04-01-10, 14:45
^ Yayyy! :yah:

04-01-10, 15:20
Both, I work part time at a grocery store in town saving up for college ahead of time can't count on the parents to help me with that.

04-01-10, 15:22
2nd yr at uni (Fine Art)

04-01-10, 15:23
School. 4th year.

I start back tomorrow.:(

04-01-10, 15:24
Work because you get paid for your hard work, school doesn't pay you nuthin, -.-

04-01-10, 15:29
^ I don't think you read this thread. :p

04-01-10, 15:35
Both. College and a part-time job. Not an easy thing to do.

04-01-10, 15:36
I'm in my last year of secondary school, I'll be going to University this fall.

Really? You seem much more mature than that!

Work. Enjoy school whilst you can, because work can be horrible!

04-01-10, 15:41
Really? You seem much more mature than that!

Work. Enjoy school whilst you can, because work can be horrible!
Yes he seems to be 360 :eek:

I'm at school, secondary school, third year :)

04-01-10, 15:51
I'm an engineer for a company that makes Filter vessels for Natural Gas pipelines. Here I am standing in front of one of our creations:

http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/8426/img0239e.jpg (http://img96.imageshack.us/i/img0239e.jpg/)

This is what it takes to keep 1 billion standard cubic feet per day of natural gas clean :D.

04-01-10, 15:53
School for me: University (of education); Biology and House Economics. :D

04-01-10, 16:06
^ I don't think you read this thread. :p

oh i understand now.

i'm still at school ATM, leaving in 5 months or something though :)

04-01-10, 16:51
Work in school ...

so I combine both!

04-01-10, 16:53
Work. I'm a technologist.

04-01-10, 16:57
Neither, but I hope and intend to change that by getting a job soon.

04-01-10, 17:06
I'm at school and I think I'll set my profile to social arts, because everyone tells me I'm good at politics and I'm logical:D

04-01-10, 17:13
I work in a school... so..


04-01-10, 17:14

Prepress Technician and Tech Specialist at a printing company.

04-01-10, 17:17
Work for me!!

04-01-10, 17:17
Work.. school is just preparation. ;)

04-01-10, 17:29
I'm in my 2nd year of college. I go to university this september coming. I'm 18.

Jack Croft
04-01-10, 17:35
Neither, but I hope and intend to change that by getting a job soon.

:tmb: Same.

04-01-10, 18:04
I'm doing AS's and a Maths A2 at school (Year 12)

04-01-10, 20:08
Working at the moment, back to uni soon though! Arrrgh!

04-01-10, 20:27
I do volunteer work and School.

For my volunteer work, I do design work for a couple of charities. One being a local charity, and the other being the local gay pride. I make posters, leaflets, etc. etc. The best part about it is that I can use my own computer so I turn up at the office everyday with my trusty laptop!

At school, i'm a sixth form student and I'm doing Art and English A Level.

Exams are coming up soon so I gotta try and balance my work commitments and school.

04-01-10, 20:32
School, 9th grade -_-

lara c. fan
04-01-10, 20:34
School, 9th grade -_-

How old are you??

04-01-10, 20:40
How old are you??

14 and a half:p

lara c. fan
04-01-10, 20:41
14 and a half:p

I'm 14 in 11 days :vlol:

04-01-10, 20:41
11th grade, and thank god there's only one more year left. Haven't decided what I want to do after school, I'm leaning towards an acting career or something to do with English.

Laras Backpack
04-01-10, 20:42
Work at the moment (in an archive as a trainee) but I'm applying for a place on a graduate degree course so I can become a professional archivist. :)

04-01-10, 20:51
Senior in highschool. :whi:

04-01-10, 20:56
When I was in high school, I also had a nearly full time job. It was awful. I start at a university soon (three days!) and I intend to focus fully on my school work. ;)

04-01-10, 21:05
Workadurka. Sherwin Williams. Professional Badass. I sold $5,000 of paint in 1 day, I got a hat. *dance*

04-01-10, 21:54
High school - this year i'm gonna get a job because i'm going to college and get days off (i think, i'm sure that's what she said :p)

easier said than done however... what with the recession and all

04-01-10, 22:23
I go to college and study computer hardware/programming/office etc.

Minty Mouth
04-01-10, 22:25
Neither, College xD

AKA. High School

04-01-10, 22:28
Last year of High School and then I'm off to the University of Nebraska in the fall.

04-01-10, 22:29
3rd year of Law and Bussines high school =)))))

04-01-10, 22:35
School. 4th year (Undergraduate) majoring in Computer Science.

04-01-10, 22:36
Right now I'm at a community college getting all of my general ed junk out of the way because I'm cheap. I'm still not dead set on my major (probably won't be for a long time!) but I'm aiming for music right now. Though I've considered art, psychology, anthropology...see, I don't even know.

04-01-10, 22:42
work and school.

Lee croft
04-01-10, 22:42
Nither im at College just because its a place of education its not a school :)

I study Society,Health & Devlopment which is area in Health and Social

05-01-10, 00:10
I work in a supermarked (cashier):o

05-01-10, 00:11
Well, I'm at the age where I have to get an education, so yes I do schoolwork. But I'm home schooled. And no, that doesn't mean I'm posh. Far from it. :p

05-01-10, 00:16
I work at the Omniplex cinema on weekends and attend a full time college course :)

05-01-10, 03:03
I do both!

High school senior, part time retail worker (HEY THERE KMART.)

05-01-10, 04:11
School, Senior in HS.

Dark Lugia 2
05-01-10, 04:14
Currently doing AS Levels at college, and I work part time as a match cleaner for Notts County. lol =/

I wish I could say I work retail somewhere in the shopping center like a few people I know. Or at a supermarket. XD something else :whi:

05-01-10, 11:20
Really? You seem much more mature than that!

Um, thanks. That's the first time I get that haha.

05-01-10, 11:44
Work. Im a checkout guy :(