View Full Version : Gabriella Climi - Woman on a Mission - New Song 2010

Jack Croft
04-01-10, 17:31
Never was a fan of 'Sweet About Me' etc but this new single, well this remix is quite amazing indeed.


What do you lot think?

Mad Tony
04-01-10, 17:51
Oh God, I think this is terrible. Sweet About Me was great though.

04-01-10, 17:54
Take it or leave I think. However the song reminds me of another one, just can't think which one.

Jack Croft
04-01-10, 17:59
It is a remix after all.

04-01-10, 18:01
I don't like this song but I really enjoyed "Warm this Winter" :p

Jack Croft
06-01-10, 13:14

Single Version here, sounds awesome.