View Full Version : Several things you want to accomplish in 2010.

05-01-10, 20:29
What do you want to accomplish in this new year? Can be anything now.. ;)

One thing, or several things for me would be to..

Focus on college, get better grades, and settle down and keep up the hard work at my soon-to-be job (working at the college gym). :tmb:

05-01-10, 20:31
Well Ive ordered my new 300 elliptical cross trainer, so my main goal for the year is basically to keep using it regularly when it arrives :p I dont exactly have much weight/fat to lose or anything, its more to get my fitness back up since I dont do much after work, but Id like to get back into my 50 minutes a night regime, at least 5 nights a week. It was all going very well till I got ill and totally slipped out of the habit :pi:

05-01-10, 20:31
I can't choose just one. I want to get good grades in university, get a sexy body, and fall in love. :D

05-01-10, 20:35
Move in with my gorgeous boyfriend and start on my apprenticeship :).

05-01-10, 20:36
i wanna focus on school more since im a B grade student however i'm not working efficiently to get those grades :(

no matter how many people around me smoke, drink or whatever i wanna stand out of the crowd and be me!

i would love by the end of my school year to have around 1,000 facebook friends, LOOOL sorry it sounds stupid buh :ton: (im at 572 ATM :p)

when i get to college i should focus on my homework, etc.

i would like to be popular and loved when i start college.

I want at one point to have a part time job with a fair salary so i can get the stuff i never dreamt of having before.

and also i wanna buy as much mens clothing from primark since i don't have much at home :o

I want to get a gaming laptop at one point and record modding videos and walkthroughs to show on Youtube, thats if i ever show my enthusiasm on youtube :p

and thats it for my accomplishment... half of them may never happen but u know you just got to believe in yourself! :tmb:

05-01-10, 20:36
Finally find a guy! :D

05-01-10, 20:38
Finally find a guy! :D

Aww, I wish you luck! :hug:

Thanks for all the responses lovelies. :D

lara c. fan
05-01-10, 20:38
Be in a relationship.

Be brave enough to sing in front of others...

05-01-10, 20:51
Get a decent result in my degree while somehow making time to write something sizable.

Evan C.
05-01-10, 20:53
Getting my best body shape ever(lose some weight and gain muscle)
Start my career once for all
Get a good job
Meet someone special

05-01-10, 20:56
I can't choose just one. I want to get good grades in university, get a sexy body, and fall in love. :D



get a job

relax more


work hard at the gym

thats all for now

05-01-10, 21:49
Graduate high school, and get into a art college.

Hopefully the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD)

05-01-10, 21:52
Get in shape
Get the best GCSE's I can
Get into College
Get a few flying lessons in
Learn to drive
Meet someone nice:)

05-01-10, 21:52
Frag as many enemies as possible

05-01-10, 21:55
Get back in shape, lose a little bit of fat (I'm not worried about my weight, it's how tight my clothes are that's the problem). I also need to make a list of things I want to do in 2010, so hopefully this will be my motivation.

05-01-10, 22:03
I want to learn guitar, go skydiving and go to West End Workshop (http://westendworkshop.co.uk/) (I'm still trying to convince my parents :o).

05-01-10, 22:05
Not be ill...
Get this place tidy...
Have a better memory.
Be in a relationship... Or meet someone and go out or something like that...

05-01-10, 22:05
The usual things, goes without saying, but I'd really like to see a marked improvement in my artwork.

lara c. fan
05-01-10, 22:06
I wanna get better at art as well, however unlikely it seems