View Full Version : For all the GaGa Lovers!!! >:3

07-01-10, 02:19
Mod edit: removed video due to language

I first learned of this song by watching a real life Drag Queen perform it on stage. She definitely got tipped for such a comedic performance!!! xD

Have fun with this parody video of Bad Romance! :jmp:

Lara Croft!
07-01-10, 02:29
I have watched that about a week ago. Hilarious!

Siberian Tiger
07-01-10, 02:35
Haha, I found it funny. I have it favourited. :)

07-01-10, 02:40
I don't like toilet jokes, but I giggled on 'I need a glove. Glove glove glove.'

07-01-10, 02:41
that was adorable! :p

07-01-10, 03:00
....right. Don't like it. :pi:

Ward Dragon
07-01-10, 03:07
The lyrics in the video are a bit too much for General Chat, so I've removed the video. That kind of kills the purpose of the thread, so I closed the thread too.