View Full Version : Bristol (UK) TR Fans

10-01-10, 17:14
I recently moved to Bristol, UK, and being a huge Tomb Raider fan for 10 years now, I was wondering if there's more people like me on these forums who love Tomb Raider and live in Bristol.

I was wondering if those people would like to have a little gathering, and maybe a little chat about our favourite game, and a trip to one of Bristol's nightclubs... or a museum visit ;).

Where I lived before, we used to have quite big TR fans community, and I would like to find more people like that to make friends with over here.

If you're up for it, post here or msg me.

I know it might sound a little bit freaky to meet someone you never met before, so here's a little about me: My name is Kasia (pronounced Kasha), I'm 20 years young, I study Forensic Computing in Bristol and I'm absolutely mad about Tomb Raider but I also enjoy gaming in general.

And this is me on the left:


Hope I find some Bristol TR nutters here ;) xx