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13-01-10, 07:12
Anyone remember that there was a Tomb Raider Collectible Card game?

I really miss it... I miss it a lot. I wish there was more I can say about it but I want to play it again sooo bad!!

eBay would help if I had money to spend but school just started. :/
I'll just hold on to the booster pack amount of cards I have now and wish to buy a starter pack eventually. xD

Kinda like how .hack//Enemy was for me. I buy it and never get to play it. Munchkin too. However TR CCG is so old that there isn't many who even know about it!!

Remember, GOOGLE is your friend. So find info about the CCG there as I cannot tell you everything here. D:

13-01-10, 07:40
Oh, thanks for sharing this! I never knew about it, I might buy this off eBay! :D

13-01-10, 08:19
Yeah, I bought a booster pack back in the day when the CCG was first released. That means I have 1st edition cards somewhere. o-o;;

But they were fun to just have as each card had a screenshot on it and that was worth a lot considering the internet wasn't that great yet and that having screens from one of my fave game series was a good feeling. :P

13-01-10, 08:23
Is it a classic 52-card deck? Or is it some sort of board game?

13-01-10, 08:27
You could always make your own cards!

13-01-10, 08:27
Yes but the originals are very much so necessary for a collector. ;)

13-01-10, 14:31
i have tons and tons of cards...a man who sold them gave me like 300 when i cosplayed in 2008 :)

13-01-10, 14:48
I have a small pack in the loft; i've had them for donkeys. From what i remember, i purchased them from a comic book store in town called Hive (which isn't there anymore, sadly). I think it was a pack of 10, or 11, something along those lines.

I could take a picture of the ones i have if anyone's interested.

13-01-10, 15:25
Is it a classic 52-card deck? Or is it some sort of board game?

It is an actual game with rules and such where you try to outdo your opponents. It was super faithful to the TR series as it had that old "choose your path" style RPG feel but it was all luck of the draw. :P
(yes that means "Entrance", "Exit", etc cards as well as cards for Lara's movements and terrain types. "Slide", "Backflip", "Hidden Niche")

08-09-13, 21:50
Love this game. I just made a video compiling all the cards(some Big Guns cards are missing as I couldn't find them online or in my collection).


08-09-13, 21:55
i have a few

never even understood how to play