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14-01-10, 08:03
Hi Guys :wve:

I got a Nintendo DS for christmas along with underworld. Suprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was always dissapointed with the newer games because of how unsimilar to the classics, but I guess by playing the game on a device like the DS instead of PC, or Xbox360 etc.. it reminded me of the classics and I enjoyed it hehe.

I bought Legend a few weeks ago and i just this week decided to complete the game, now i've run into some trouble.

I'm in Kazakhstan. I'm in the motorcycle section. I've tried about 50 times to get Lara to land on the train carriage after the jump. Everytime she hits the platform, she gets pushed off by..nothing. I've tried accelerating, breaking etc... when I land but she still falls off and i have to start again from half way through the stage everytime I fall off. Anyone know if there is a certain trick for it?

Also a quick question if anyone knows, Is there a DS version of Anniversary? I've seen articles online saying there is, and there isnt. Any confirmation?

14-01-10, 08:34
No there isn't a DS Version of Anniversary as far as I know.

I'll need to load up my save, but have you looked at Stella's walkthrough (http://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR7walk/05kazakhstan.html)?

14-01-10, 08:35
Yeah I've looked through many walkthroughs for it, Stella's was the first place I looked (love that site :D ) but the suggestions still werent any help.

17-01-10, 05:05
Oh, I remembered. I had a very difficult time too. The key is to get the timing right, after the train has gone inside a bit you have to get exactly on the carriage,any slight turn deviation will make you fall off track. So slow down when you get on the ice right of the train. I'm in the Kazakhstan Bike chase now, if possible i'll post a video.

22-01-10, 16:05
I really can't help you
I don't own ds version so i'm sorry :P

22-01-10, 16:35
how many ramps have you gone over? you're meant to get on the carriage after the 3rd ramp.