View Full Version : Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood

Jack Croft
14-01-10, 16:44
A Listed on Radio 1, just heard this now, absolutely love it.


Never heard anything from them before, she came No.2 in Sound of 2010.

Best part,

"OMG You look like Shakira, no, no Catherine Zeta, actually my name is Marina."

Lara Fan 4Life
14-01-10, 17:05
Posted that same thing in the ''Which song are you currently listening to?'' about the best part of the song being that verse you just called out! :D I really like the song, but I just think her voice does't suit the track! I'll still be downloading it onto my iPod when it's released! :)

Oh, and you said ''them'', it's actually just Marina. It isn't a band! ;)

larson n natla
14-01-10, 18:47
She has a deeper voice than me and I am a man :ton: first I have heard of her, good I suppose.

14-01-10, 19:22
I didn't like it when I first heard it but I really like it now. Her voice is so deep! :p

Jack Croft
14-01-10, 19:22
^ 1st listen It was 'meh' now its AMAZING.

Legend 4ever
14-01-10, 21:59
I love her. I was obsessed with her song Mowgli's Road. It's so good and the video is so weird and beautiful.

Jack Croft
15-01-10, 15:59
Its out 1st February, cant wait to buy it.

15-01-10, 16:43
Love it.

15-01-10, 16:59
Love it, and may I say her voice fits her entirely. :D

28-01-10, 19:04
I am currently crushing on Mowgli's Road

Lara Fan 4Life
28-01-10, 20:58
Its out 1st February, cant wait to buy it.

I just want this song on my iPod now! :p

04-02-10, 21:08
Her album is out so soon...


...and it sounds amazing!

04-02-10, 21:51
I like how she pronounces 'american dream'. The video for Mowgli's Road is pretty interesting, great work on the visual effects.

Lara Fan 4Life
04-02-10, 21:53
^ :cln: How come there's two versions of Hollywood?

06-02-10, 01:29
Brilliant song. :tmb: I bought the Hollywood EP off iTunes a couple of days ago, and I'll get her "The Family Jewels" album in physical format eventually.