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14-01-10, 18:30
My best friend passed away today of cancer. I met her in the 7th grade and we were very close. I'm in the 10 th grade now and my friend got very sick about three weeks ago. The cancer spred through her whole body but she decided not to go through with chemotherapy because she knew it was incearible. She was a very strong, smart, pretty, sweet and overall amazing girl. And Im very upset and am just asking for your prayers for her family and friends, and maby some words of advice for me. Thanks.

Dennis's Mom
14-01-10, 18:33
*hugs* I'm so sorry.

I believe you will see her again. Remember her, love her, treasure her memory. When it's time, she'll meet you on the other side.

14-01-10, 18:34
That is so sad :(
You need a virtual hug:hug:
I hate loosing people. You don't need to get over her now, just never forget her.

14-01-10, 18:35
there are no words for a loss, but remember your friend with happiness and be happy to be her friend

My condolences

14-01-10, 18:35
I'm so sorry :hug:

14-01-10, 18:36
I am so sorry for your loss. Remember, you will always have your memories and believe that she'll be looking over you. My heart and prayers go to you and her family and other friends. :hug:

lara c. fan
14-01-10, 18:37
You have your memories.
While it may not be the same, remember that.


14-01-10, 18:38
Thank you for all the support and kind words it means a lot to me! :hug:

14-01-10, 18:44
Oh my, that is so terrible :( I feel very sorry for her, for you, and for her family and friends. My condolences to all of you.
Be strong and try to remember she's on a better place now.

14-01-10, 18:46
I'm so sorry for your loss. :hug:
Rest In Peace

14-01-10, 18:48
I'm so sorry :hug: For you, your best friend, her family and friends.

May she RIP. :(

I haven't got any advice, nothing like that's happened to me, but you always have your family and friends to help you :o

14-01-10, 18:48
Aw I'm sorry. May she R.I.P :(

Chocola teapot
14-01-10, 18:49
That is So Tragic! I'm so sorry to hear that, honestly I am.

It's Terrible! :( Aww A Million hugs an Loads of support! HUG :hug:

Atleast now your friend is a peace. :)

14-01-10, 18:49
My..I am so sorry for her..
Condolences..I hate when people die..you get to attached to them and then they are gone..gee..I hope you move on..
I am sorry again..wow, your best friend..that's harsh..

larson n natla
14-01-10, 18:51
She seems like a very brave girl, I am sure you meant as much to her as she meant to you you'll always have a special place in your heart for her.

My deepest condolences, may she rest in piece.

14-01-10, 18:51
I'm so sorry for your loss. :( :hug: I hope she rests in peace and I will definitely pray for her, you, her family and friends. May he help you all and protect you, and my deepest condolences go to her family.

14-01-10, 19:05
Thanks everyone!!!!:hug:

14-01-10, 19:12
Remember her :hug: She may no longer be on this Earth, but she's somewhere better :hug:
And somewhere even better; your heart, keep her there :)
It won't be the same, but it's the closest =)

Don't be sad it ended; be happy it happened :hug: Be strong :)

14-01-10, 19:22
Awe jeez. :( My condolences. She sounds like she was an awesome person. Remember her for that :)

14-01-10, 19:27
I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope your pain passes quickly.

P.S. You better not read the thread I just put up :o

14-01-10, 19:28
So sorry to hear that someone special has passed away so young :hug:

14-01-10, 19:30
I doubt any words can lighten the loss...
My deepest condolences :hug:

14-01-10, 19:31
I'm sorry:hug:

Condolences goes out to your family

ultima espio
14-01-10, 19:33
Thats so sad. Sounds like you two were really close. I'm so sorry to hear that shes died:hug::hug::hug:

14-01-10, 19:40
Sad to hear that

Lara Croft!
14-01-10, 20:02
How sad. Young people die everyday and it's tragic. All we can hope is that they all go some place better.

14-01-10, 20:12
Stay strong :)

14-01-10, 20:15
Very sorry to hear of your loss, stay strong. :hug:

14-01-10, 20:16
Im so sorry. :hug:

This brings me to tears be cause i lost a friend to brain cancer. we were In 5th grade he died of brain cancer. It was so horrible. Im so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a really good friend. :hug:

14-01-10, 21:14
Thanks everyone your words mean sooooooo much to me! You all are great people! :hug:

14-01-10, 21:26
Just goes to show what effects of death have on people.

May your friend rest in peace. :)

14-01-10, 21:30
May she R.I.P in eternal happiness :o

So sorry about this :hug:

14-01-10, 21:40
Im so sorry :(, may she rest in peace, remember the good times, try not to grieve too hard and to remember the good that she was about :hug:

14-01-10, 21:54
:( I'm so sorry for your loss. U have my deepest symphathies. :hug:

14-01-10, 22:01
my condolences. to lose a best friend, i can imagine, would be unimaginable.

14-01-10, 22:03
I am so deeply sorry to hear that. I can't imagine your pain, I have no idea what I'd do if my best friend died. :( I am really, really sorry. :( :hug:

14-01-10, 22:25
That's terrible, I'm so sorry to hear that!

Poor girl, may she rest in peace. I wish for you to stay strong in this difficult time. :hug:

Minty Mouth
14-01-10, 22:27
I can't imagine how you must be feeling, but my thoughts are with you, and all those affected :hug:

14-01-10, 22:32
Sorry to hear that. She can rest now and won't be suffering any more :hug:

14-01-10, 22:33
That's very depressing news. If you ever need to talk about it further, know that the TRF is supporting you. :hug:

14-01-10, 22:38
Im very sorry for your loss :hug: just hang in there :)

14-01-10, 22:47
My condolences but as a stranger I doubt I can actually help you to ease your grief. I didn't know your friend but I know what its like to lose someone close.

I will pray for her.

14-01-10, 22:50
My condolences.

14-01-10, 22:54
I'm so sorry. :hug: If you ever need to talk send me a pm, okay? Take care and stay strong. :hug:

14-01-10, 22:58
Thanks everyone you all have been really great about this! All of your words are so kind I thank you from the bottem of my heart!! :hug::hug::hug:

Lee croft
14-01-10, 23:00
Im sorry for you loss may she rest in peace *Hug* i can imagine what you are feeling right now but always rember her for how she was :)

14-01-10, 23:52
I'm so very sorry for your loss. I lost my best friend eight years ago, so I know how it feels. :hug:
Your friend is no longer suffering.

14-01-10, 23:59
:hug: My condolences.

15-01-10, 00:40
You have my sympathies. I can't begin to imagine what it must feel like...

As long as you keep her memory close to your heart, she'll never truly disappear. May sound a bit cheesy, but it's true.

15-01-10, 03:36
I lost a good friend recently too and i know what your going through

Hang in there and im sorry for your loss.:hug:

15-01-10, 03:37
Aww, I will keep you and your friend, and her family in my thoughts and prayers.. :(


She is in a better place and I hope you make it through alright. :hug:

lara is mine
15-01-10, 03:37
Im so sorry to hear that, ill keep you in my thoughts.

15-01-10, 03:38
:hug::( my condolences.

15-01-10, 04:06
Oh my God.... Im so sorry :( :( :(

Youre probably going through tough times right?
Well all I can say is what others said... remeber the fun moments you two had, and that way she will always live in your heart :hug: :hug: :hug:

15-01-10, 04:09

I just don't know what to say. I think you're very courageous. :o

Melonie Tomb Raider
15-01-10, 04:15
Oh my, I am SO sorry, I don't even know what to say. :( I will definitely pray for you, I'm so sorry to hear this.

15-01-10, 05:05
Oh, how sad:( R.I.P to your best friend. Hope she's in a better place now. I wish you and everyone that knew her all the best:hug::)

15-01-10, 07:32
My sincerest condolences. That's a terrible way to lose someone. :(

15-01-10, 07:43
I'm so sorry to hear about you friend. :( :hug: My thoughts go out to you and her family.

Jedd Fletcher
15-01-10, 07:47
I'm very sorry to hear this, it must a terrible lost. My thoughts are with you, take it easy as you grieve. Talk to trusted friends or family members often to work through the pain. My sincere condolences.

15-01-10, 13:32
My condolences. :/

15-01-10, 14:29
I'm sorry to hear about your loss :(

My condolences :hug:

15-01-10, 14:32
This is... wow.

Losing your best friend will always hurt. Far apart, you practically need to see each other, in a fight, you forget all about it. Losing each other, especially forever, it's the hardest thing.

I am so, so sorry. I wish you the best for now, and it's okay to cry. It's always okay.. :hug:

15-01-10, 19:29
im so very sad for you hunni :hug: for me... this life is like a test - a test to progress onto better things and fully appreiciate it. You will meet your friend again once you progress also.
Her soul still lives on in our world, always remember her :hug: xxx

15-01-10, 19:48
I'm very sorry for your loss, and of her family and other friends, have strength in this tragic time. :hug: :(

tlr online
15-01-10, 19:54
My best friend passed away today of cancer. I met her in the 7th grade and we were very close. I'm in the 10 th grade now and my friend got very sick about three weeks ago. The cancer spred through her whole body but she decided not to go through with chemotherapy because she knew it was incearible. She was a very strong, smart, pretty, sweet and overall amazing girl. And Im very upset and am just asking for your prayers for her family and friends, and maby some words of advice for me. Thanks.

My condolences. She will be at peace now.

15-01-10, 19:58
I'm named after a friend of my dad's who died of Leukemia while in high school. Is that what your friend had?

15-01-10, 20:05
Rest in peace your best friend :(
How sad, my grandma, mother's mom died to cancer too :( So I have experience of that kind of dead. :(

15-01-10, 20:11
Sorry:hug: If I could give you a real hug right now, I so would.:hug: I know I couldn't survive w/out my best friend, so I can't imagine what you must be going through.:(

A BIG hug for you...:hug:

15-01-10, 20:12
My condolences :( .

15-01-10, 20:26
Thats realy sad,i fell sorry for you...:(:(:(

15-01-10, 20:30
Sorry for your loss :hug:

15-01-10, 20:58
My condolences for your loss. You must have been a great friend to her, just think about that. :hug:

15-01-10, 21:02
Thanks everyone! :hug: me and some of other friends went over her house today and just had a good talk with her mom. We laugh about the good times and of course shared some hugs and tears. Her family is doing good and her memorial will be on monday. Thank you all for the support! :hug:

15-01-10, 21:10
I'm so sorry for your friend, my god, I really don't know what with these deseases in young people :( Some things should never happen :hea:

15-01-10, 21:46
Sorry to hear she's, well, passed away...:(
But her soul will be with you. Always.

15-01-10, 21:49
I'm so sorry:(:hug: I know how you feel, I lost my good friend from school long time ago. I will pray for you and her family and can you tell me what is her name?