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16-01-10, 21:55
Disclaimer: This is not a "Let's ***** about how Uncharted is a rip-off of TR" thread. This is simply a thread I made to discuss similarities between the two (IMO) best action-adventure games out there. If you don't like Uncharted, don't bother.

Ok. So, anyone else think TR2 and U2 are very similar? Here's some of the things I noticed:

Sequel > Original
Both games are sequels (obviously) but both vastly out sold their predecessors, and both set the bar for action-adventure games of their time.

Both games feature a main villain after some artifact that will give him ultimate power. Both villains are foreign, both have an army of soldiers following them, and both are almost cult-figures. They both believe that they are fulfilling their destinies.

Asian Mythology
Both games deal with mythology from the east.

Both games feature a dagger as a large plot device: the Dagger of Xian and the Phurba dagger. Both also feature an item that acts as a key: the Seraph and the Phurba again.

Both games feature a large majority of their levels in the Himalayas. Both characters also reach the mountains in a similar way: Lara crashes the plane, Nate is in a train-wreck. Once their, both find some sort of sanctuary (monastery/ village) where they find allies. Both explore underground ice caves/ catacombs to discover something, and both sanctuaries are attacked by the baddies.

Both games end with the bad guy obtaining some power, and the hero defeating them against all odds, resulting in the destruction of the temple/city.

Lara Fan 4Life
16-01-10, 21:59
When I was playing Uncharted 2, I also saw them TR2 similaries! :p You can definitely tell Naughty Dog got some ideas from Tomb Raider!

16-01-10, 22:00
At this point, I can't imagine anyone behind Uncharted admitting that they were inspired by Tomb Raider, but I believe it is possible that was the case ;)

Minty Mouth
16-01-10, 22:01
Some of these similarities are just codes and conventions of Action/Adventure storylines, so there really is no reason in pointing those out.

Other than that, I think you are grasping at straws here.

16-01-10, 22:02
At this point, I can't imagine anyone behind Uncharted admitting that they were inspired by Tomb Raider, but it believe it is possible that was the case ;)

its sooooo obvious they were - from viewing cutscenes and playing demos i worked that out

16-01-10, 22:17
Well, the first 2 and last points apply to many games, so based on those I wouldn't say this. But now that you have mentioned the dagger, the Asian mythology and the monastery, it could be that they were inspired by Tomb Raider II. Or maybe it's all just coincidence. :)

16-01-10, 22:18
Shouldn't this be in the Video Games, Consoles and Related Discussions forum?

16-01-10, 22:55
Yes, it should.
But since there is already an existing thread, I am closing this one.
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