View Full Version : Goldfrapp remixes

17-01-10, 01:44
If you're a Goldfrapp fan (im a huge one) I just came across their new website and it's PACKED with remixes I never even knew existed!
They're just amazing

I wish there were a way to download them :(

Does anybody know if these can be purchased?

17-01-10, 12:12
Yess!! I love them too. :P

There is odd content on the site but enjoy I the jukebox below. :P

EDIT: Nothing on iTunes, though I have heard them on the Music Choice channel on TV. I even downloaded the song I heard on there, though I was never able to find any albums with the songs on them.

EDITEDIT: The song I have is Strict Machine (Victor Calderone Big Room Mix). it is nice...

17-01-10, 14:49
Wow, thanks for sharing. :tmb: I'm a huge fan as well.

17-01-10, 14:59
You can rip them from the site using firefox and about:cache, they are simple mp3 files !