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18-01-10, 21:33
Those white ledges in all crystal dynamics tombraiders are dumb they are so obhious and they make the beautyful areas look weirde like in underworld i was looking around in the levels and it takes from the realisim in the game,lets hope TR9 has no white ledges...

18-01-10, 22:01
Let's hope the ledge hopping move is discarded completely. :tmb:

21-01-10, 15:04

21-01-10, 21:24
I totally agree... It's a lot easier when you see those ledges...but it's more interesting without them. :)
I wish there was an option called ,,turn on/off white ledges" ...heheh well maybe I'm asking too much. :p :D :D

21-01-10, 23:02
yeah they're better with them gone :)

21-01-10, 23:41
I actually don't mind ledges. As long as they are resonably placed and make some sort of sence and aren't obvious. I think that is why people might have a problem with them. I think Legend wasn't too bad for how the ledges blended in to the scenery. If they can be made to look like part of the architcture of a room or more like naturally formed cracks in the walls, then used sparingly, I think they can make a useful alternative route around the area. They're no different to conveniently placed blocks etc, it just means that there are many differnt ways to move about.


21-01-10, 23:51
TRA was just full of ledges. And they were white, very white.

TRU was a huge improvement, both in the number of ledges and the colour of them. :)