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19-01-10, 22:45
I swear we already had a thread on this, but I can't find it now. Have you ever had any TR dreams?

I have them all the time. Last night was TR dream number 372. :p I was Lara in the catsuit, breaking into Natla's lab in NM. It was surprisingly green for NM (probably as a result of Natla's genetic experiments) but it was out in the middle of semi-nowhere. I snuck in wearing my catsuit, transferred some important files to my little netbook, then, right as the guards ran into the room, I shut my laptop, opened up the cabinet door, and slid down a super tiny/narrow tunnel, pulling the floor back on after me. The guards were baffled. I followed the chute all the way down to the dumpster, scrambled out, and climbed into the van where Zip and Alister were waiting. They quickly helped me into the secret compartment under the van floor, then moved a huge stack of crates on top of it so no one searching the car would find us.

The guards did indeed search the vehicle, but soon after I heard the van grumble to life as Zip left the parking lot. I fell asleep from the motion and sounds of the van, and when I woke up I checked my data and waited for the lads to get me out.

Did I mention I was wearing the catsuit? :ton:

Legend of Lara
19-01-10, 22:50
At the height of the TRA hype, I had a dream of Natla...

...as a pop star. This was before her TRA look was revealed. I don't remember any other TR dreams.

19-01-10, 22:58
I had like 3,4 of them already:) One I remember it was on Rail Road lvl from TR4:D

19-01-10, 22:59
Haha, those are great dreams :tmb: :D

Mine were usually nothing special...I just dreamt many times about playing any TR (actual level) and finding some new secret passages and level areas :) I was so hyped about it, but then I woke up and felt so disappointed :p

Legend of Lara
19-01-10, 23:04
Wait, actually I remember a somewhat recent one. It was basically Lara running around a sunny, not to mention huge and open-ended, island, searching for shiny things. She moved perhaps a smidge too fast.

19-01-10, 23:07
Fighting off raptors in the lost valley, before anniversary came out, it was intense dude :D

20-01-10, 02:31
I was in a place sorta like the lost valley and was surrounded by cat mummies. :D Now it's cool. Then I was like "Oh ****." :vlol:

20-01-10, 02:55
Hmm... Not that I can think of, I rarely dream about anything, But if I do it is normally guitar/music or girlfriend related.


20-01-10, 02:59
I had a dream where I was running down my street at night and these wolves started running toward me, but they looked and moved like the ones in TR1. It was all in slow motion and I had to shoot them with this crossbow-like thing. That's about the closest I've come to a TR dream. :p

20-01-10, 03:27
After all the countless hours I've logged in with the TR games, I can honestly state I've never had one TR related dream, at least none that I can remember. :p I guess I'm just not obsessed by it like others may be. I like my dreams to be more reality based.

*how ironic is that?* :/

20-01-10, 03:29
I've had so many TR dreams. Sadly the only one I can remember is really gross.:o

...Legend Lara shat in my face. :(

20-01-10, 03:30
^ Thanks for sharing!

20-01-10, 03:34
I've had so many TR dreams. Sadly the only one I can remember is really gross.:o

...Legend Lara shat in my face. :(

:vlol::vlol::vlol: LMAO!!!

20-01-10, 04:35
LOL. Surely this is symbolic of something. :vlol:

20-01-10, 07:16
Never had a Tomb Raider dream. I once dreamt that I was being chased by Daniella from Demento/Haunting Ground though. That was freaky.

Legend of Lara
20-01-10, 07:18
I've had so many TR dreams. Sadly the only one I can remember is really gross.:o

...Legend Lara shat in my face. :(

Was that because TRL was a colossal letdown?

20-01-10, 07:38
I only had a dream with Natla in it how she appeared in TR1 FMVs. She didnt talk or anything, she was just there as an extra. Then it went into a nightmare through various events and she just sorta left.

20-01-10, 07:45
I've had so many TR dreams. Sadly the only one I can remember is really gross.:o

...Legend Lara shat in my face. :(

:vlol: :vlol:

I have had a couple. I remember I was in a room fulled with Lara's. One was the real one, one was the evil one and the rest were clones by the evil one. I had to try shoot the evil one but couldnt figure out which one it was....
And all the Lara's had like different personalities too, like each one showed a seperate emotiong. Like one was megga happy, one was megga angry, one kept crying, one kept running around in circles ect.

Catch was If I shot a clone Lara would die too.....

20-01-10, 10:19
I've dreamed about
-Learning how to perform the adrenaline dodge
-Fighting the t-rex in Anniversary
-Alister being a playable character

But the best dream so far was a crossover with Team Fortress 2.

So this dream started off all dramatic, like it was a movie. (I thought one of the characters was played by Jeremy Irons but it was someone else.) In fact, at one point the dream froze and credits appeared, and the character's name disappeared and was replaced by another. There was some sort of joke going on about disguises. Then this big character throws off his disguise, and it's actually Larson and Pierre. And then the guys from Team Fortress 2 appeared. Then Larson starts setting up a time bomb which is connected to Engineer and Spy for some reason. While he's doing that, he starts acting stupid, rambling about something, and he's all-

"Back in Texas we had a couple a' sayings..."

So he goes on and eventually Engineer (who is oblivious to the time bomb thing ) is all-

"Boy, you're starting to get on my nerves."

And he tells him to cut out that jibberish. Then Spy drunkenly proclaims his love for Sniper as well as the rest of the team (whether he meant it romantically or platonically and whether he really was drunk is anyone's guess.) Then Scout calls Spy a homo.

That's about it.

20-01-10, 12:45
oh yeah, I also learned how to do adrenaline dodge from a dream. XD Turns out you have to keep the L button pressed in so her weapons stay drawn, otherwise it's not an adrenaline dodge, it's just a weird somersault out of the way. :ton:

All these dreams are hilarious. I really liked the clone dream.

20-01-10, 12:48
lmao @ just*raidin*tomb

I had a dream where Lara shot me with a harpoon gun.

Chocola teapot
20-01-10, 17:01
I had a dream that Doppelganger (The one with no flesh)
Was copying me and running around my livingroom.

Bare in mind that I have a Giant phobia of skeletons ect.

Rather horrifying.

20-01-10, 17:45
Wow, nice dreams:vlol:
My dream:
So I think I was Anaya and my friend (Aranara) was Lara, and we were in Tokyo and beat the hell outta Takamoto:vlol::vlol: Isn't that awkward?

20-01-10, 18:19
Those dreams are the best dreams! :tmb:

Well, mine was with TRA Lara, and she was my classmate :vlol:
And a lot of things happened: she kicked someone's ass, killed the principle, gave me one of her guns for practice (:jmp:) etc etc

Great dream! :tmb:

20-01-10, 21:28
i have loads of tr dreams! Usually the case is I'm Lara - not appearance wise but hair and clothes and such (and abilities)

my latest was i was just me with my boring non-abilities :p but the theatre in my school was flooded when i opened the door, and a vent on the roof had fallen from the roof - revealing a tunnel system. It was weird - you know the sewers in AOD? - it was like that but...different. Underwater tunnels, fans, air vents , and then there was dead bodies in a pool with an un-moving fan on the bottom. Panciking, I climb out; grappling a ring on the roof with a convient grapple gun :p and climb through to a tunnel with a corner. I always get a mirror out because im too scared to progress, and try to see whats round the corner. When i do so a very unearthly voice says, 'i can see you, i mean you no harm'.
Shes a female mummy who guides me through tunnels, but i always wake up before the destination. hmmm :o

20-01-10, 21:48
Surprising enough, I've never had any TR dreams!

20-01-10, 21:53
@TRhalloween: That's hot! :D

Was that because TRL was a colossal letdown?

That's a possibility.:o