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24-01-10, 17:43

George was so impressed with the movie’s technology – which took home the trophy for Best Motion Picture – Drama at the 2010 Globes – that he thinks it could help pave the way for creating 3-D versions of his “Star Wars” movies.

“We’ve been looking for years and years and years of trying to take ‘Star Wars’ and put it in 3-D,” George explained to Access. “But, [the] technology hasn’t been there. We’ve been struggling with it, but I think this will be a new impetus to make that happen.”

George Lucas seems to be seriously considering it due to the success of Avatar. :jmp:

24-01-10, 17:51
Omg, seeing the Star Wars films in 3D would be amazing.:jmp:

Hold on I need a moment.....*fanboy scream*

24-01-10, 17:55
I'm getting really excited about this. Especially since I've never even seen any of the films in the theaters.

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24-01-10, 18:03
^ lol.

I'm pretty excited about this, personally. I'd love to see them all in theaters... I've only seen the prequel trilogy that way. :o

24-01-10, 18:05
^ lol.

I'm pretty excited about this, personally. I'd love to see them all in theaters... I've only seen the prequel trilogy that way. :o

Same, I don't see why anyone would oppose the idea. It's not like it's going to ruin the enjoyment of the originals. It's just going to be them in 3D, which would be pretty awesome if you ask me.:D

I've only seen the prequel trilogy in theatres, so I would definitely love to see the others and this would be the perfect chance.:jmp:

24-01-10, 18:29
I'd rather George concentrated on the Blu-ray release (unaltered versions pleaaaase) first, but it'd be great seeing these in cinemas.

Nenya awakens
24-01-10, 18:41
I saw the originals when the were re-released in the cinemas back in 1997, I would love to see them done in 3D with touch ups to the effects, I still have the untouched originals on video tape if I want to go back and watch them :)

24-01-10, 18:43
I can't wait for the 3D to appear! I'm a big fan on Star Wars:D
*nerdy talk*

24-01-10, 18:46
Considering George Lucas's reputation for re-releasing his movies, I really should have seen this one coming. Still, after reading other people's thoughts in this thread, I suppose it would be neat to see the originals in the cinema.

lara c. fan
24-01-10, 18:58
To respond to this, a big hearty....


24-01-10, 19:04
Is this going to be the future of movies now that we've seen the success and the possibilities of Avatar? Let's take every live action/sci-fi classic we can think of and turn them into a full 3D feature. Good idea. :|

I CAN see why it would appeal to most, just not me that's all. It just wouldn't have the same effect and I'm a big SW fan.

24-01-10, 19:19
Then don't see it?:p

24-01-10, 19:22
I can't wait to see Star Wars IV in 3D if it goes to cinemas

it will defeat Avatars Ass Anyday

Super Badnik
24-01-10, 20:11
Meh, they can make them 3D, as long as they don't make yet another movie, or spin-off or whatever. Tired of Star Wars, it was nice while it lasted but it's time to let that franchise die me thinks.

24-01-10, 20:46
He's out of ideas but wants to stay rich. What does he do? Hey, let's get the fans to buy the movies one more time.

Stupid. The series was originally planned for 9 episodes. Get on with the other 3 episodes. Do them in 3D if you want to. But give us something new. Or quit.

24-01-10, 21:11
I really really really really really really really hope that he is not thinking of re-doing ANY movies, but starting a new. Ive said this time and time again, but where the books are at right now Luke/Leia/Han are all 60ish so we could keep the same actors.

Or if they did the Thrawn Trilogy books... omg. You dont even know the hopes floating around in my head right now.