View Full Version : What do you honestly think of any Member here

27-01-10, 06:23
as the title says

you can put any members name and post any likes and dislikes(try and not to put too much dislikes, dont want to start fights like what happened to me) about that member/s

it can be about what do they do in TRF in which you like, get frustrated at, e.t.c

it can be also about what( if you do know) they do in real life in which can(even if you live far away) be good or bad to your tastes.

just generally anything.

and Pheobe Croft suggested this idea through her post via the Whatever happened to/Does anyone know where.... thread

BTW, I've just had an idea. I know it sounds drastic, but it would help for the better, and prevent things like the above. I think it's time for a thread, which you can share opinions about other members, sorta like counseling. Then we could share our honest feelings with other members, so people would know how other people feel about them, and then if there are some problems to deal with, we can all play a part.


27-01-10, 06:40
If one have some grudge over any member here, one can freely use PM to discuss it with the member in question in mature and civilized way (if wishes... moreover if can :mis: ). Crapping over another member publicly, witchhunting is not welcome on TRF.

This is definitely going to become a fight. Not gonna happen...

Johnnay, check PM