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10-10-04, 01:35
The Ross Ice Shelf calved huge icebergs in 2000, and for four years the largest icebergs have been slowly breaking up and moving out to sea. In this true-color Terra MODIS image from October 5, 2004, the B-15A and B-15J icebergs block shipping lanes off the coast of Ross Island in the Ross Sea. B-15A is about 75 miles long, while B-15J is about 20 miles long. More information about the event that spawned these icebergs can be found here, on the Visible Earth website.

As fall begins to grip the Northern Hemisphere, spring moves into the Southern. In this image, ice in the Ross Sea remains fairly uniform, though much thinner than in the height of winter. During those months the land is almost uniformly white, while the approaching spring lets glimpses of bare brown land show through.


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