View Full Version : ABC cancels Ugly Betty

28-01-10, 01:02

Sad, was a rather good series as well.

No more Mark and Wilhelmina :(

28-01-10, 01:04
I've never seen it, personally, but I know a lot of people that watch it, so I guess it sucks for them. :(

28-01-10, 01:06
Aw, darn.

Oh well. The fourth season hasn't been as wonderful as the previous ones, and I figured this would be the last year for it.

28-01-10, 01:10
This is the absolute most saddening thing i've heard, like ever... ugly betty made my life happy, like really happy! why is it gonna get cancelled!!! i really hope this is a rumor!

28-01-10, 01:10
^ Nope, sorry. It's true.

28-01-10, 01:29

28-01-10, 01:32
:yah::jmp::yah: http://i47.************/2sbah4w.jpg.... Im gonna miss this show so much.... I wonder what the final episode could possibly be like :(

28-01-10, 01:39
The show had too many random elements thrown into just to pull ratings, but the show itself lost its flair long ago.

It was a nice show to watch randomly once in a while, but I wouldn't cry if I missed an episode(like I would with LOST lol).

28-01-10, 01:43
Better for it to go now while it's still decent than to keep it going until it jumps the shark.

28-01-10, 01:44
....Im gonna miss this show so much....

Buy the DVDs ;)

I wonder what the final episode could possibly be like :(

Everything will be revealed as a dream and it'll turn out that Bobby was never murdered (he was in the shower all along).

28-01-10, 01:51
Can't say I didn't see it coming. :pi:
It was a good show though

28-01-10, 01:54
It was an alright series when it began, but when I watched it not too long ago it seemed to have seriously fallen off the wagon. It just became a series of outlandish events to keep it off the ground somehow, and it wasn't doing it's best at that.

I remember watching the first episode of the original series, made in France. It was annoying because the French "Betty" was actually drop-dead gorgeous but just wearing glasses. :D

28-01-10, 02:11
http://i47.************/2sbah4w.jpg.... Im gonna miss this show so much.... I wonder what the final episode could possibly be like :(

If the show is true to the original (Betty La Fea), then you can still check up the ending :).

28-01-10, 02:11
-dies- omfg. :(

Ugly Betty, along with Desperate Housewives was one of my favourite T.V Shows and I always looked forward to it. This sucks. :/

Capt. Murphy
28-01-10, 03:29
I've seen it a few times for a few minutes... The way it flowed... It's dynamic... Just bugged me. You know how it feels when you get gittery? That's how that show makes me feel.

28-01-10, 08:21
Oh no! :( I'm a major fan of this show, I'm absolutely gutted that it's getting canceled. Oh well... the 4th season was, admittedly, not as good as the previous ones. So long Betteh Suarez.

28-01-10, 08:57

ugly betty was always on before desperate housewifes.
And I always hated this show to death, plus my boyfriend liked it muhahaha:tea:

28-01-10, 09:35
Nooooooooo :(!!!!!!

28-01-10, 09:42

Hey look, its Judge Judy!! :tea:

Aw its sad that Betty's getting canned, though I havnt watched the show in soooo long :p

28-01-10, 09:44
This is MaJORRR!!!

Major BUMMER that is. :(

28-01-10, 10:22
What the hell :(

28-01-10, 10:22
*sniff sniff* I just got back into watching Ugly Betty....

28-01-10, 10:39
First Big Brother

Then Dollhouse

Now UB

Soon I'll have nothing to watch :(

28-01-10, 10:41
I don't get it, a lot of shows get cancelled now and they don't seem to care about the audience and ratings the show had. But then they are constantly making up new shows that no one knows if they will be successful. Most of the time, I can add, these new shows SUCK.
What's the deal??? :confused:

28-01-10, 11:11
:( Oh noseeeee.

Nenya awakens
28-01-10, 11:12
This is terrible news, sure the series has gotten over the top, but I thought it had life in it yet :(

28-01-10, 11:32
Is there any chance another network might pick it up?

28-01-10, 13:47
I watched the first and second series, but lost interest after that. :o

Too bad I guess.

28-01-10, 13:49
http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs192.snc3/19939_454099285108_887575108_10761757_2441119_n.jp g

How the hell am I gonna get by without my Mark fix? MARK? I am here to serve him.

Guess Jacob Blacks gonna HAVE to do.

28-01-10, 13:54
Wow that is REALLY shocking...

28-01-10, 14:06
Seriously, somebody needs to demolish that stupid Nielsen rating system. Their hand picked "test subjects" are nothing but reality show guzzler if you see from the demise A LOT of promising, interesting and big fanbased TV shows. How creativity going to bloom in this stale TV climate? :mad:

28-01-10, 14:10
Maybe they'll bring it back in a couple of years?

I'm starting to sound desperate

28-01-10, 14:13
Maybe they'll bring it back in a couple of years?

I'm starting to sound desperate
Get a grip, she's gone!


28-01-10, 14:25
But it can't be the end, I love Betty http://i47.************/28iwx87.gif