View Full Version : Need Help Identifying this singer

Jedd Fletcher
28-01-10, 13:11
I need urgent help identifying the singer of the following Andrew Lloyd Webber song:


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! I really like the song and it's frustrating that I don't know who sings it.

The most likely candidate is Carl Wayne.

28-01-10, 14:00
Wrong! :p :D

My GoogleSleuthingSkillz™, tells me that its actually Eric Degray and the above song is taken from his album Bound For Broadway.

You can listen to a sample (and also purchase! :D) here:


Hope that helps. Cheers! :)

EDIT: WAIT!WAIT!WAIT! I just finished comparing the sample to the youtube song, and I'm having doubts. The voice is very similar, but the music arrangements are not. Hmmm....

Jedd Fletcher
28-01-10, 14:09
Wow, thanks! I really like his voice, thanks for that.

EDIT in response to edit above: Hmm, that's curious. Please help me clarify that, thanks!