View Full Version : Official midweek 'chart update' launched in UK

Jack Croft
01-02-10, 11:07

A new weekly midweek "official chart update" is set to launch on BBC Radio 1.
The half-hour show beginning on 10 March will air every Wednesday between 3.30-4pm in the run-up to the traditional Sunday chart countdown.

Even though I rrad most of my midweek new on Forums and other sites this might be quite good.

01-02-10, 12:08
Well, it will be interesting, but will the results count for any thing? I mean, will we now get awards for staying at the top for the most number of half weeks and stuff, or is it just like an update?

01-02-10, 12:10
Really wish BBC was on here. :\

01-02-10, 17:20
I've always found it annoying having to wait a week to see the new charts.