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Real Life Raider
01-02-10, 21:00
February 2nd is the ancient Pagan festival of Imbolc.

This is the day that we Pagans celebrate the ending of winter (in the northern hemisphere) and look forward to the oncoming spring.

It is a time of new life, new growth and new beginnings.

LINK (http://druidnetwork.org/rites/seasonal/intros/imbolc.html)

I myself am pagan (have been all my life) and I follow the Druid Tradition but everyone of every faith can welcome the longer days, lighter evenings and hopefully the return of the warm sunshine!

Blessed Be everyone! /|\

02-02-10, 14:17
Happy Imbolc:wve:I'm not a pagan myself but I am looking forward to the nights drawing out from now on.:D


02-02-10, 15:11
OMG this is exciting, I love the ending of winter, happy Imbolc!:)

02-02-10, 15:49
Yay, the days are already getting longer! :tmb:

02-02-10, 15:59
Enjoy the festival!

Chocola teapot
02-02-10, 16:03
Happy Imbolque My darlin's!

02-02-10, 16:53
Happy Imbolc my little chickadee's, may the Brėghde create life and smile the frost away, and may the Cailleach rest until next Winter.

Blessed be. :D